Friday, March 7, 2008

The Big Cheese strikes again...

This memo was delivered to my classroom this afternoon. I edited out any identifying info, but the rest is exactly as I received it. Actually, it's one of the better composed memos from The Big Cheese. I think if you click on it, it will enlarge.

What a guy!! At "lease" he knows how to run a school into the ground! AND when "these kids is OFF the CHAIN!" He's also sent out memos about how "in the pass, we did...."
  • For the past two days, we've been working on a weaving project (photos to come next week). Today, little Miss S.M. was working with me, and after showing her how to do the first few strips, she finally got the hang of it, and was feeling quite proud of herself. When she finished, she asked if she could go help someone else. Well, of course!! Seeing how I was having to work one-on-one with the babies on this project, and was gonna take any help I could get! Well S.M. called S.P. over to the table I was sitting at the help her. I wish I had a tape recorder running to record the conversation they were having. I just sat there chuckling to myself the whole time. "Mrs. L. showed me, and now I can do it by myself, so I'm going to help you, OK?" "OK, now watch me!" After the girls got the first few strips in, S.M. says to me, "Mrs. L.? Can you do the scoots and we'll do the weaves?" I almost lost it. "The scoots" meant that after each strip was woven, I 'scooted' it down to the end, to keep the strips close to each other. But, they couldn't do it, so they wanted me to do the "scoots!" Too cute!
Little D.S. is one of my absolute FAVORITE babies!! I'd steal him if I thought I could get away with it! He can NOT be anywhere near me without touching me. God forbid I stop near him, he immediately grabs my hand. He's so cute!! Whenever he does that, I always give him a squeeze, of course, and maybe even touch his cheek/nose/forehead etc. Today, for the third or fourth time, I heard, "Mrs. L, I like it when you touch me!" Awwww....I LOVE THAT KID!!! You may remember he was the one that wanted 100 "shmarshmallows" and loves "vanana" ice cream!
  • I remembered something one of the babies said last Friday. When we do the calendar, we play the "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Game." They have to tell me what all those are, days and dates. So, they told me yesterday was Thursday, today is Friday, tomorrow will be Saturday. Yesterday was twenty-eight, today is twenty-nine and tomorrow will be "twenty-ten." Aren't they funny?
Car Update -- They replaced both of the front tires, did an alignment and changed the oil. Oh, and fixed the lighter. Apparently, the shaking I was experiencing had to do with the fact that there was "a HUGE bubble" in my tire. Hopefully, the bill won't be as big as I thought it would be. Actually, I'm waiting for them to call me with the total.

The temperature has dropped this afternoon, and there have been flurries on and off for a few hours now. They say we're going to get from 2-4 inches of snow tonight. But, next week they're predicting 40s all week. Yay! I can't wait! That's one of the things I love about living in Chicago. You can have all four seasons in one day, IF you're lucky :)
  • Today is my grandma's birthday. Sadly, she passed away about 4 1/2 years ago, but I want to celebrate her birthday anyway. I think I'll be having dinner with my parents, then we're going to pick up my car, and head over to the bar to work for a while. My brother is thisclose to opening now. I'm getting excited!! I can almost taste the chocolate martini now....
Have a great weekend everyone!
If nothing is going well, call your grandmother.
~Italian Proverb
What the hell!!!? I was checking this over for mistakes (Hello, Big Cheese, that's what you're supposed to do!!) and for some reason, the space between the paragraphs keeps disappearing when I publish. It's totally pissing me off!!! Does that happen to anyone else ever? Ugh!! OK, now I'm totally irritated!! I'm going to bullet the paragraphs!


Christina Shaver said...

Actually, the lease you can do is cut the guy some slack. He's doing what he can do get those kids some edumacation. By the way, I love the strong-arming ploy of getting money for the school FROM THE TEACHERS?! What kind of nonsense is that.

Hey Teach! said...

Incredible memo. I think the worst part is making the teachers cough up money for tickets. I have had the same problem with my paragraphs and for some reason if I am in html mode and put the spaces in it works.

Smileygirl said...

Which kid in "you class" are you going to buy the ticket for?

I don't know what issues you were having with paragraphs disappearing so far that's never happened to me. How do you post your play list on here? I noticed it to the right and I'd love to do that but haven't played around with it yet. Do I need to actually download all the music from my i-tunes library somewhere?

Smileygirl said...

Hey I figured out the play list thing. Cool! I'm going to add some stuff later today and post to the blog. LOVE this! Only thing, it keeps shutting down my browser. Probably because my poor lil lap top is really on it's last leg!

ChiTown Girl said...

smiley, isn't that the best? i lifted it from Dori's blog, then another of her friends did the same, as did our buddy RABIJAY. i changed my settings, though, so it doesn't automatically start playing when people get to my blog page. they just changed some stuff this week, i noticed it now has a big "play" button, and it shows the CD cover for the album the song is from. i need to add more songs to my playlist when i have some time. it's the lease i can do, right?

Mary Beth said...

I think you and Dori should chip in and buy tickets for your wildest kids - then have a break during the day from them. And let the Big Cheese worry about their behvior for once.

miss r said...

Mary Beth, you are a genius! Oh how I wish he would spend FIVE minutes alone with my students.