Friday, March 28, 2008

I have the BEST friends!!!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Upstairs Neighbor!!!

U.N. took the time to write up a few details of the staff meeting Wednesday morning. I sat here rolling my eyes all over again as I read, and then remembered, what happened!! Here's what U.N. had to say:

So I almost posted a recap weds. and now I wish I had because I'm starting to forget a bit of what was said. But here are the highlights (lowlights) I can remember. Feel free to put them in your regular blog space. I don't care, because even though I checked the option "I plan on coming back next year" I am not. So first of all, the meeting was supposed to be brief, but instead lasted thirty entire minutes, making us late to meet the students who were already screaming in the halls.Second, when mentioning the impending walk through- He mentioned how he didn't understand how authentic student work wasn't up on bulletin boards. So he posed the question to all of us, and was met with total absolute silence. Then he tried to say that he doesn't have time to come into our rooms anymore because if we notice, "the administrative team was cut to two people, well, and my literacy teachers, and math and science specialist" (WHICH IF YOU'RE COUNTING MEANS THAT THE ADMINISTRATIVE TEAM IS ACTUALLY FIVE ENTIRE PEOPLE) and because "we are sending kids down to mr. h. all day long so he can't be freed up." I would like to point out that he has NEVER EVER EVER EVER come into our rooms, no matter how many people have been on the administrative team. Furthermore the person who left, Ms. B. , I'm pretty sure that in the four years, no wait, three years? (I don't even know when she was there)... I spoke to her ONE TIME. Thirdly, the other three people have also NEVER EVER EVER come into my room, and I can't tell you what they do all day. But I can tell you that if there are on average two classes in each grade then that means there are less than twenty classrooms... five members of the administrative team... and 180 days. I'm pretty sure you could swing by. He also mentioned that we should accept this school retooling proposal because we need a shot in the arm, some of us just need some new ideas, and some of us don't know what we are doing at all. I'm pretty sure if you are a principal and a few of your teachers quote "don't know what they're doing at all", then perhaps it would behoove you to try to help those teachers, visit their rooms maybe? Or mention it before....... march? Instead, at 8:50 AM, while hundreds of children were screaming around our meeting building, ten minutes before the day was about to begin and these screaming children were going to enter our classes, he informs us that some of us, but he won't say who, literally are completely incapable of doing the job we are about to do. Lastly, as previously mentioned, he spoke about the problems with teacher attendance and coming on time. As chitowngirl said, he gave this speech to the people who were both present at school and on time. I have lost two preps this week, including first period back from break (WELCOME EFFING BACK), so I agree, 8 people out is INSANE. However, this was a case of literally wanting to shoot the messenger. I have missed ONE day this year. (September, I had to fly to a wedding). I get to school between 7 and 7:45 each day. The Big Cheese has missed MANY days, including leaving early every single day the week before spring break. He also gets to school everyday at roughly 8:30. I am like the Cal Ripken of Hellhole school. And you sir Big Cheese, are no Cal Ripken.

Holy crap! He's SUCH an idiot!!! I forgot all about the comments he made about the "administrative team!" Ass!!! He had the balls to complain that, now that we've lost one assistant principal (hello! that was TWO years ago already!! get over it!) and "because y'all keep sending yo kids down to Mr. H. all day, he's tied up, so it's just me!" that basically we're making his life too hard. Oh, boo hoo!! That's why you make 6 figures, you fucking moron!!! Get a grip!

AND, thanks, U.N. for reminding me about the prep crap. I lost ANOTHER prep today, so that's three in one damn week!! And, he can't be bothered to try and make those up. Basically, it's our problem. Yesterday, we had 4 grades out on field trips. FOUR! There would have been more than enough freed up periods for the prep teachers to give preps to those teachers who missed them earlier in the week. Besides, why should the prep teachers be given half the day with free periods? They already get more preps than we do!!! But, I digress... When I asked Big Cheese about perhaps making up those preps, and how it would do wonders to boost teacher morale, etc., he basically said, no way, it would be too much work to figure it all out. Yeah, you're right, wouldn't want you to actually have to THINK!!!! Ugh!!! Asshole!

I love that U.N. mentioned his cushy schedule, since I haven't complained about that yet. Yes, he generally gets to school around 8:30, which used to be long after most of the teachers. However, with teacher morale so low, many of them are now coming just as late as he does. And there's still that handful that walk in with the damn kids, but again, I digress... Not only did he leave early every single day the week before break, he went home the week before because he wasn't feeling well, then stayed home the next day. WTF!?!? I literally worked the week before that with a damn FEVER!!! And, it certainly wasn't the first time. I've come to work while suffering from colds, sore throats, bronchitis, and even with migraines. What a wuss!!

Wow, it's been a while since I've let myself get that worked up over the Big Cheese. I think I need to stop, as I feel a headache coming on. Thank you though, U.N., for giving another person's opinion of His Royal High-Nee (how do you spell that?), so others can see I'm not really just a whiney little complainer. At least not ALL the time! Love you!!!
Idiots and lunatics see only their own wit.---François de la Rochefoucauld

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