Monday, March 10, 2008

Funny Monday

So, I'm helping C.B. do his weaving project at my desk, while the rest of the little darlings were working on a literacy activity, and suddenly I overhear P.M. saying to someone at his table, "My mama gave me a barf cup to barf in, and it filled all the way up!" Lovely!

Two different times today P.M. said to me, "Mrs. L., you always say funny stuff!" Both times, it was immediately after I was, quite frankly, rude to one of the babies. The first time, we were in the hall hanging up the lions and lambs the babies made today for our March bulletin board. When I took the first group out into the hall, I had asked J.H. to bring me a chair so I could reach the wall over the board. I then sent the first group in, and had the second group come out. Suddenly, J.H. comes tearing out of the room, screaming, "SOMEBODY TOOK MY CHAIR!" at the top of his lungs. I was annoyed that he was screaming in the hallway, and in a completely inappropriate manner, I said, "You just brought it out to me, Fool!" Of course, by the time the whole sentence popped out of my mouth, I realized what I was about to say, so I was almost laughing, which made J.H. laugh, as well as the other babies who were out in the hall with me. P.M. was belly laughing, though, and that's the first time he said, "Mrs. L., you always say funny stuff!"

The second time I acted inappropriately today was later in the afternoon, when we were on the carpet practicing our sight words. When it was time to go back to our seats, I started to call the babies by tables to go and sit. I called Table 5, and J.H. decided to call the next table for me. So I said, "I didn't call another table, Big Mouth!" Now, truth be told, this is not the first time I've called J.H. Big Mouth, cuz quite frankly, he's got a big mouth!! The funniest thing is, every time it happens, he laughs and laughs, like I'm calling him some kind of pet name. Again, P.M., through his giggles, said, "Mrs. L., you always say funny stuff!!" Glad I can amuse you, P.!


Smileygirl said...

At least you didn't say, "MO'FO".

Have you ever dropped an f bomb or something less severe while in the classroom? I'm sure half of them have heard it all before though. It's a different world nowadays.

ChiTown Girl said...

First, thanks for making me spit on my computer screen.

Now, you know me better than most people, so you will find this as hard to believe as I do, but I've never said a single swear word in front of my class. EVER! I fuckin' don't even fuckin' know how the fuck that's fuckin' true!!

But, you're so right, they've heard it all. They swear at each other all the time! I've had parents come to pick up their kids, yelling and swearing at other people, their kids, other people's kids, whomever! So sad. One day, I actually had one (total loser, piece of shit, crack whore!) mother come pick up her son, and after she signed him out, she grabs him by the arm and jerks him while yelling, "Come ON, mother fucker, I gots to go!" Nice, huh? Let me say it one more time...this is why I stay at the Hell-Hole.

Now, fuck off!

miss r said...

I don't think I even swore before working there. haha I have come pretty close to dropping a few f bombs (and worse) myself the last couple weeks.

Smileygirl said...

That has to be so heart breaking to see the reality of what these kids face everyday in the "comfort" of their homes. I commend you both. What a fuckwad that mother is to call her child that name in SCHOOL with everyone around? Can you just imagine what she does behind closed doors? So depressing. How do you not sip the sauce at recess? Oh that's right you don't have recess anymore thanks to the Big Cheese...