Thursday, February 21, 2008

Welcome... my friend, Leslie. Hopefully some of you have checked out the link that's been on my page for months for Leslie's online articles in I just found out tonight from her husband that she, too, has a blog. I've added a link for that, as well. Check it out!

I was so happy to hear about this blog because now I can keep up on what's happening with my friends, The Klipsch Family. Jake and I used to work together at the Hell-Hole. We actually started there the same year. He, however, has managed to escape. Sadly, not only did he escape, but he has also moved alllll the way to Iowa!! Boo hoo!! I miss them, and their two totally adorable boys, Ollie and Eli. If nothing else, I can at least see recent pictures of my boys. I love Jake to death, but he really SUCKS at keeping in touch!! Although, I did learn tonight, as I read every single post on Leslie's blog, that Jake is now working on his PhD, so I'll cut him some slack ;-)

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