Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This Just In....

...I HATE MY FUCKING JOB!!!! Why am I even ever surprised at the level of stupidity at the Hell-Hole?!?! I'm SOOO sick of the Big Cheese, I don't even know what to do about it. It takes every bit of strength I have to not punch him in the face when he's talking to me. Part of that is the fact that he insists on TOUCHING when he talks!! Then, add to that the fact that he will look you dead in the eye and LIE to your face! Ugh!!! I can't stand him!

There was an "issue" today regarding our field trip, and one of the office women. Basically, she accepted money from a student, but never told us (specifically Dori, since it was her student) so the little girl wasn't on our list. We left her behind today when we went to the aquarium, but then found out AFTER we came back that she was supposed to go. I can't even count the number of times this woman has done this exact thing!! She's such a stupid bitch!! Then, she was bitching about us to El Queso Grande, trying to say it was our fault!! Bitch! Long story short, Dori and I have decided to cancel our next trip, and not take anymore this year. It's just not worth the hassle! If the office would just mind their own damn business, we'd have a lot less problems!

Speaking of the office NOT minding their own business, the office clerk decided to take attendance for us while we were gone, and screwed it all up. I had kids at school who were marked absent, and kids who stayed home who were marked present! I would say it's unbelievable, but the sad fact is, it IS believable in the Hell-Hole!! Just a little over a week ago, we noticed the attendance was actually doctored. If you recall, the night of Jan. 31, we had about 12 inces of snow dumped on us. The next day, most of the kids in the school stayed home! I had 14 kids come to school, Dori had 7. Well, lo and behold, when Dori pulled up the attendance for that day, most of the kids WE marked absent were suddenly marked TARDY!!! WTF?!?! Gee, how many ways is that wrong? Not to mention illegal! That place is an absolute joke!! I need to change the subject, because I'm about to blow a gasket!!

We had a great time on our trip to the aquarium today. The first thing we did was go to the Oceanarium for the dolphin show. One of my babies was picked to help with the show!! It was great! He actually got to walk out into the tank and touch the dolphins. I tried to get pictures for his mom, but you can hardly see him. For those who have never been to the Shedd Aquarium, the big dolphin tank is built out on the side of the building that faces Lake Michigan. The wall is all glass basically, looking out on the lake. Well, believe it or not, we had a very bright and sunny day today in Chicago. Since the sun was behind the tank, it made all the pictures turn out dark. The only thing that didn't go so well was that we were given a 12:30 lunch slot for the lunchroom. Well, our babies usually have lunch at 10:45, so they were STARVING! The nice thing was, though, as soon as we ate, we went straight out to the bus, and home we went. Oh, and another interesting I was walking into the lunchroom, I heard someone call out my maiden name. I looked across the room and saw a girl I went to high school with standing there! It was so great to see her!

I wanted to share this awesome picture I took of our gorgeous city from the staircase of the Shedd Aquarium. Man, I LOVE Chicago!!
I took this shot from my seat during the dolphin show. It's the Adler Planetarium, which is also on the Museum Campus.

No visit would be complete without seeing my darling babies!!! Could they be any cuter!!!? I'll spare you the other dozen pictures I took of them. ;-)

Well, my brother is trying to convince me to ditch school tomorrow and go to another In The Loop show. After today, it doesn't sound like such a bad idea! I don't want to abandon the babies on Valentine's Day, though, so I'll probably just go to work...

My darling little boy came home from 5 days with his dad not feeling very well. I probably should have let him stay home today, but Mean Mommy made him go. I just gave him a healthy shot of Nyquil, so I'm going to go tuck him in for the night. Hopefully, he'll fall asleep soon, and sleep all night, then wake up feeling much better. He can't even stay home tomorrow because he has a project due. Thankfully, it's finished, so all he has to do is rest the rest of the evening.

When asked if he is sick, he replied "No I'm not sick, my batteries have just runned out"— Boy, 4


miss r said...

What would I do without you? If I didn't love you and Mrs. M so much, I would definitely have left that place long ago. (And of course, I stay for our babies!)

Smileygirl said...

Those pictures are awesome! Sorry about the rest of the crap though.
I got your message but I didn't get off the phone til late and it was then too late to call you. So are you coming out in March or just teasing us again!?!?