Thursday, February 21, 2008

Day 99... day to go! Tomorrow will be our 100th Day of School (YAY!) so we were doing some things today to prepare for the celebration. On of the activities we did was a called "Wacky Wish." I found it on one of the websites I came across yesterday.
If I could have 100
Of anything at all,
I'd wish to have 100 _________s.
Now, that would be a ball!

The babies were coming to my desk, one at a time, to tell me what they wished for so I could help them (all 29 of them!) write it. Well, my little darling D.S. came to me, with his signature goofy grin, and said he wanted 100 "shmarshmallows!" I held in my giggle and said, "Oh, marshmallows." He says, "Yeah, shmarshmallows!" I had to let the guffaw escape after that one!

I had the babies keep their answers a secret, to avoid having 29 of the same answer, and it worked out so well. When they finished their papers, I put them all together in a class book, and then read it to them. There were just a few repeats, but overall, I was impressed with their creativity. Wishes were made for 100 lollipops, computers, cars, pennies, nickles, dollars, cookies, puppies, even queens. They did a great job!

At the end of the day, we were practicing a couple of 100 Day songs, and as I was flipping through my song book, I came across some songs about summer. The babies begged for me to share one, so we sang the Ice Cream Song.

(Sung to the tune of For He's a Jolly Good Fellow)

____________ (insert child's name) likes to eat ice cream,

____________ likes to eat ice cream,

____________ likes to eat ice cream,

and he/she likes _____________ (flavor) the best!

Well, leave it to D.S. to crack me up again!! I was going around the room, giving each baby a turn. I filled in the name, that child sang the flavor. When it was D.S.'s turn, he sings, "Vanana!" I chuckled, and asked, "Vanilla?" He says, "Uh-huh, vanana!" (insert BIG goofy grin!) Again, I ask for clarification - "Banana?!" He vigorously nods his head. "VANANA!" I couldn't take it anymore, so I just moved on to the next baby. Too cute!!

Sometimes I wish I could set up a webcam and let the world in to our classroom, so you all can enjoy these silly moments as they happen. Actually, I wish I could broadcast what happens all over the Hell-Hole all day. Gee, today you would have seen the Big Cheese crack two of Dori's babies "upside their heads." I shouldn't admit it, but it made me laugh out loud. They both deserved it, so I didn't feel bad for them at all. I'm hoping maybe now El Queso Grande is starting to see what it's like to deal with that many 5 & 6 year-olds at one time! Obviously, he didn't handle it very well, and he was simply passing them in the damn hallway! Try sitting in a crowded room with them for 5 1/2 hours every day, Big Cheese!!

Smack your child every day. If you don't know why -- he does. ~Joey Adams

Joey and the Big Cheese must be home boys!

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