Monday, February 4, 2008

I need a lighthouse!!

The weather here has just been absolutely bizarre!! Over the weekend we had over a foot of snow dumped on us (more in some areas!) and today it was nearly 50! Right around dismissal time this afternoon, the wierdest, thickest fog rolled in, and just got worse as the afternoon went on! I barely could see 2 car-lengths ahead of myself. We had eye doctor appointments right after school, and while driving there, I had to pass my old high school and the football field. It looked like a cloud just landed on the field! Driving home from the doctor's office was a bit rough because the fog was the thickest and it was dark, plus it didn't help AT ALL that I had to have my freakin' eyes dilated!! As I sit here typing, there's a scroll across my television screen saying that we have a "winter storm watch" in effect until tomorrow morning. Great!

I think that all of you should check out RABIJAY's blog today. I'll warn you now, the post may bring you down, but the story should be shared. I have nothing but respect and admiration for firefighters and paramedics, and the sacrifices they make everyday for the safety and well-being of others.

School was relatively uneventful today, which is NEVER a bad thing! I had a full crew today, after working with a skeleton crew last Friday. It was snowing like hell last night, so I thought we might have a repeat today, but no. One nice thing that happened today, though, is that the gym teacher was actually downstairs while my babies were eating lunch, and I was so bold as to ask him to stick around, then walk my class up to the gym with him. Thank God there are still some kids that respect their elders. He readily agreed, which meant I didn't have to haul my big butt up to the fourth floor!! Yay! Well, at least not to drop them off, but I did have to pick them up. I'm not complaining, trust me! I still have two days of art and one more day of gym that's going to require me to climb to the 3rd and 4th floors. :(

Oo, Dance Wars is about to start! Yes, I AM aware of the fact that I'm a loser. Nonetheless, I'm off to see which team has to eliminate a player tonight!

Dance is life. Stillness is Love. Together, they are everything. ---Debbie Nargi Brown

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