Wednesday, February 20, 2008


...I'm not needed for jury duty tomorrow. I was on stand-by for tomorrow, and just made my required phone call to hear the pre-recorded message, which stated only those with last names starting with A-H are needed. I was really hoping I'd be picked, just for the day away from the Hell-Hole. How sad is that?

Things are really just going downhill fast around there. I can't believe Dori even shows up everyday, with the motley crew she has right now. I had to step in at lunch time because a group of her boys were pushing and shoving each other in the hall while she was trying to get the rest of her class from the lunchroom. (We wouldn't want to bother the other 8 adults in the lunchroom, and ask them to actually get off their asses, now would we?!) Then suddenly, one of the little hellions SPIT in the faces of two other boys. And not just a little wet spittle, actual pieces of freakin' chewed up food!! I thought I was going to be sick! It took all my strength not to crack the little brat upside his head! Naturally, the only person that handles discipline issues wasn't at school today, so Dori was, once again, left to her own devices. Don't expect any help or support around that joint, cuz it ain't gonna happen!

As far as my own bunch of nutballs, they're starting to get a bit more out of control everyday, as well, now that I've received 5 new students in just the past couple of weeks. Just when you get the group "trained" to follow the program, a new crew comes in to throw a wrench into the works. Damn, it sucks! I'm going to have to revert back to being the Mean Queen until these new ones get with the program. Hell, by then it'll be May, and the year will almost be over. Whatever it takes, I guess, because this isn't cutting it.

Allow me to wander off on a non-school-related subject for a minute...I heard some sad news today. My new favorite daytime talk show, In The Loop, has been cancelled. I'm so sad about it. Not just because I loved going to the three tapings I attended, or because of the massive give-aways I received, but more because of all the people who are now out of jobs. It's terrible. My friend and I are going to try and attend a few more tapings before it ends on March 28. Gee, I hope that wasn't priviledged information....

Well, it really is a good thing I won't be out tomorrow because I have a lot to do for Friday. That's the 100th Day of School! Big celebration happening in Room 104! I have all kinds of things to cut out for our "100" crowns, not to mention mats to make for us to count out our 100 items that each child is supposed to bring to school. I'm actually a little excited about it. And, luckily, the 100th day fell on a Friday this year, which makes it even better. Too bad we aren't off Monday...tee hee!

If there are any teachers out there reading this that are looking for some cute songs about the 100th Day, I came across this website that had some good ones. This one has a bunch of great activities. I also came across this quote:
Those who can, teach. Those who can't, do something far less important. ---Shirley Frye

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