Saturday, November 15, 2014

So, as I was saying...

We visited with my mom for a while, telling her the whole saga of the missing phone.  Then we eventually said our good-byes so we could head to the bank.  As we were walking out her door, Stud says, "Hey, where are my glasses?!" 


I seriously wanted to punch him in the throat!  If I was Suz, I would have shanked him!

I KNOW he had them on his face when we were walking out of Walmart, so we figured they HAD to be either in my car, or my parents' house. But, lately, he has gotten into this habit of hanging his glasses on the collar of his shirt.  You know, instead of actually WEARING them!!  So, there was no telling where the hell he might have actually lost them. My fear was they fell off his shirt when he was either helping me put our bags in the car or when he was putting our empty cart in the cart corral.  If either of those had happened, all I could picture was his glasses smashed in the parking lot, having been run over by who knows how many cars. 

He and his grandmother looked all over her house, while I searched every nook and cranny of the car.  Nothing.  We decided we had to drive all the way back to Walmart and search the lot.  Grrrr!

We drove back to the area where I thought I had parked, and looked up and down the parking lot, and in the cart corrals.  No glasses.  Stud went into the store and asked at customer service if anyone had turned in any glasses.  Nope.  He then went and looked in every single cart at the entrance.  Nothing.  We did one more drive through the parking lot, but didn't find anything.

By now, my blood pressure was sky-high, and I may or may not have been screaming at him about how damn irresponsible he is, and how HE was going to be paying for a new pair of glasses, while listening to him whine about how now he can't even drive because he needs his glasses.  The whole scene was something out of a bad reality TV show.  I'm not proud of it, but I know how I can get. :-/

We finally left Walmart, and headed to the bank, then went home.  Magnum was already home when we got there.  I walked into my bathroom, and the first thing I saw on my sink was a pair of men's glasses next to my own glasses.  I asked Magnum if they were his, but they weren't.  I called Stud over, and you guessed it.  They were his! 

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

I haven't got anything close to a rational explanation for how those glasses ended up in my bathroom.  Well, other than Divine Intervention, that is.  The entire time I was driving back to Walmart, I was praying and praying for us to find those glasses.  Right now, we really can't afford to be replacing glasses that cost over $350.  Plus, like Stud said, he can't drive without them, and it would have taken a minimum of a week to have a new pair made.  I would have had to drive him everywhere until the new ones were ready.  I should probably mention that he DOES has a second pair, but they broke about a month ago, and we never got around to bringing them to the eye doctor to get repaired, mostly because I was afraid of how much it would cost.  So, yeah, I was praying hard to find this pair.

Not only do I KNOW he had them on his face when we left Walmart, there would have been no reason for his glasses to be in my bathroom in the first place.  Magnum and Stud are basically barred from using "my" bathroom.  They share the bathroom in the basement, and I have the upstairs bathroom all to myself.  Magnum is lucky I let him occasionally pee in there so he doesn't have to go down to the basement every time.  But, Stud just about NEVER uses my bathroom.  MAYBE once a week, if that.  That's mostly because he never ventures up from the basement unless he's at work or school. 

My point is, I have no freakin' clue how or why those glasses were in my bathroom, but you better believe a sent up a giant prayer of gratitude.  My mother was completely freaked out by this whole thing.  How about you?  Does it freak you out or reaffirm your faith?  I'd love to hear what you have to say.


M said...

OMG...that's what I live with on a daily basis due to stroke/memory loss...."where is/are my _____" ...I hear it all day!

But then it was me on our last Dr. appointment. I had a Dr appointment and then we had 30 minutes before his appointment so we walked over to a shopping mall....and my glasses were G.O.N.E! We back tracked and no we went to his appointment, walked back to the mall....where I just so happened to look at a door handle of a car as I walked by AND THERE WERE MY DAMNED GLASSES! Apparently someone found them and thought they had dropped from that car. I still cannot believe I found them 45 minutes later! I don't have the $ for new ones and don't have an extra life is so chaotic right now I have just been taking things like this in huh?!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I have no idea how that happened....quite crazy. However, I do think a shanking is necessary!!!