Saturday, November 8, 2014

Simple Saturday

My local Walmart has been undergoing some remodeling for several months now.  I have not shopped there in months because of it.  It was just too chaotic and confusing. 

I can only imagine how much money I have saved by not going there.  I'm not even exaggerating even a little bit.  Magnum and I always made a Walmart run every Saturday as part of our errands.  Then, most weeks, I would stop there at least one other day during the week, sometimes even two or three days.  It was almost an illness. :-/

I went there today for the first time in months.  I should be too embarrassed to even share this, but I was there for almost 3 hours.  Yep, seriously.  Three.  Hours.  I just slowly strolled up and down the aisles, taking my time, checking things out.  I even went in the Christmas room, just to look around.  It was a great way to kill an afternoon.

The best part?  I walked out of there for under $65!  Really.  The whole reason I went there is because Junior somehow lost his collar about a month ago.  We've looked everywhere for it.  I'm fairly certain it is probably under our deck, since it's the only place we can't look.  He likes to go under there, and I'm thinking it probably got caught on something, and slid off when he pulled himself free.  Anyway, I kept meaning to just pick up another collar at Walmart, along with a new tag.  So, a quarter of what I spent was on the goofy dog, which makes me feel even better.  Oh, and about half of what I spent was for Stud.  So, bottom line, I spent almost nothing on myself.  I consider that a win!

Does anyone else think perhaps I should have titled this Sad Saturday?  I really am a loser, aren't I.....?


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Funny in My Mind said...

I can spend hours in Target. Hours. My husband does a 10 minute walk thru and finds me on the scarf aisle. I have only just begun, I tell him.

Melanie said...

If you are a loser, then all women are because (while I detest Wal-Mart with nearly every fiber of my being) I can spend days in Target. I thought it was just my family for years because my mom could kill a day in Target, but now I see that it is most people. I see people run in there for the tiniest things, and I know they do that regularly. I think it's just a happy shopping place for women where we know we can find what we need and get out relatively cheap.