Thursday, November 6, 2014

November 6, 1993

21 years ago today, at 4:43 am, the greatest love of my life entered this world, weighing 8 lbs 2oz, and measuring 20 1/2 inches long.  

Ok,I know none of these are new.  Truthfully, all of them were pulled from this blog.  I just have not had a chance to look for any new ones.  However, that doesn't make them any less adorable, right?

Happy 21st Birthday, Baby!  I love you with all my heart!!


Melanie said...

I love it! Happy birthday L!

Funny in My Mind said...

He has such a cute smile! 21? Really? Wow we are getting old! Mine are 24 and 19 now. Tell him your friends said Happy Birthday and to eat lots of cake for me.

Karen Gerstenberger said...

Happy birthday, Stud! May the year ahead be filled with blessings, joy and love. (He's totally channeling Elvis in that one photo)

Jim said...

This has to be a post from A VERY PROUD MAMA!!
What a sweet post for your son, Lisa! 21 years old! What's that like to have a 21 year old?
So good to see you back and thanks for dropping by today!

M said...

Of age!!
Happy Birthday :)
Love all the pics!