Friday, November 14, 2014

F@%* Me, Friday

Stud and I had a very busy day today.  He worked early this morning at the grocery store, then when he came home, we took a drive out to his school to take care of a few things.  He needed to pick up his paycheck, and find out about, what we thought were, missing checks.

We were there for quite a while, and walked from one end of the campus to the other.  We walked back across the campus to the car, and as we were getting in, Stud realized his phone was missing.  UGH!  He frantically searched the car, but it wasn't in there.  We then realized we were going to have to retrace every step we had taken in the last hour and a half.  Double UGH! 

Now, let me back up a minute and get some bitching out of the way.  When Stud came home from work, he changed out of his uniform.  He put on a T-shirt, and his flippin' pajama pants.  I can't STAND it when he wears his pajama pants out in public, which he does all the damn time, including to class.  Granted, they are solid black and fleecy, as opposed to plaid flannel, or something like that, so they sort of just look like sweatpants.  But, still, I think he just looks sloppy, because they are so loose and baggy.  I asked him to put jeans on, but he refused.

So, now let's go back to school.  We established that the phone must have fallen out of his pocket.  He got back out of the car, and started retracing his steps.  Oh, wait, I forgot to mention that as we walked from building to building, I used to concrete walking paths.  Stud, on the other hand, took the "short cut" and walked across the grass.  I'm pretty sure it was just to annoy me. :-/ 

He started to walk across the first patch of grass he walked across when we got there, then went into the building.  I originally was going to wait in the car, since it was freezing outside, plus I was pissed at him for being so irresponsible.  But, after about a minute, I figured, what the hell, I might as well look, too.  I took about 5 steps across the grass, between the same two trees he JUST walked between, and lo and behold, there, buried in the carpet of ivy on the ground, was his damn phone.  I think I was more annoyed that he had just walked past it a minute ago and didn't even see it, than the fact that he dropped it in the first place. 

Stud seems to have whatever that gene is that most men have.  When they are "looking" for something, unless it jumps up and bites them in the nose, they can't see it.  ANNOYING!

After I found the phone, I still ended up having to literally chase Stud all around campus.  Gee, if only I could have called him on his PHONE to say I found his PHONE.  He was too far ahead of me to even try yelling across the open campus for him.  I had to just hope that at some point, he would stop long enough for me to catch up.  Luckily, that's exactly what happened.  I finally found him in the department office where he works, on the phone with security, trying to see what they could do for him.

Ok, so we walked ALL the way back to the car again, and went on our merry way.  From there we went straight to my favorite store (yes, Walmart!)  We were there for a while, then had to stop at my parents' on the way home to pick up one of his paychecks before heading to the bank.  That's when the next part of this craptastic day happened.  But, I'm going to save it for tomorrow, so I'll have something to post about. Besides, this post has already been WAY too long, and WAY too boring!  ;-)

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