Monday, November 10, 2014

Manic Monday

So, Stud had to take the day off work today to attend traffic court.  What a joke!  About a month ago, he got pulled over by some cop who clearly had nothing better to do, and got THREE tickets!  (And, as the ex-wife of a cop, and someone who comes from a cop family, I'm allowed to bad mouth cops! :P )

One ticket was for a headlight that was out.  Now, granted, it was NOT shining, however, there is a short or something in the light, and you have to literally smack it to get it to come on.  Magnum has been doing it for years.  Did I mention Stud was driving Magnum's car?  Magnum even found a couple things online about this particular problem in Mazda 6s, which is what he has.

The second ticket was for the tiny little light above the rear license plate being out.  I didn't even know that was a thing!

The third ticket was for not having insurance.  Hang on, OF COURSE we have insurance on that car.  Unfortunately for Stud, he couldn't find the insurance card because he was driving his father's car, and didn't know where Magnum put it.  After the cop walked away to start writing the tickets, Stud found the card.  When the cop came back, Stud told him he found it, but the cop basically told him it was too bad, he already wrote the ticket.

While the cop was sitting in his car writing away, Stud called me to tell me what was going on.  When the cop came back, Stud just set the phone down, so I could hear what the cop was saying.  He told Stud that all he had to do was come to court, show receipts for the light bulbs and bring the insurance card, and it would all be thrown out.

Sure enough, that's what happened.  Now, trust me, I'm thrilled that there was not even a court fee or anything, and we walked away without having to pay one cent (other than the replacement bulbs).  But, it just irritates me that Stud had to request the day off, and that we had to sit there for over an hour before being called.  The courtroom was chock-full of people, the majority of whom were there for basically the same type of tickets (headlights, plate lights).  Apparently, that must have been the focus of this town's police force last month.  The thing is, every case was being dismissed, so the city wasn't even making any revenue off these cases.  What exactly was the point then?  Just to inconvenience people?  I don't get it.

I realized while we were sitting there that I could have just gone by myself, in Stud's place, and he wouldn't have had to give up a day of work.  A few people who were there were there in place of others.  I wish I had known that.  Since Stud is in school full-time, his availability for work is limited, so he needs all the hours he can get.

Ok, I'm done complaining.  Well, for tonight anyway.... =)

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