Friday, May 6, 2011


No, really. What the absolute FUCK?! This is from my favorite Friday feature in the Chicago Sun-Times, "Week in WTF?!" It is seriously the WTF-iest one I've ever seen.


C said...


i'm sorry, i have a pretty open mind but this is creepy... the wearing of the diapers is the weirdest part... no, i take that back.. it's ALL weird.

goo goo, gaga...

M said... never cease to amaze me at the "stuff" you seem to find...this is...ummm.....beyond the far side!

...and ya, I don't think who are = the contraction who're...hahahaha....but I used it....guess I am a bike ho.

GoofyGirl said...

I remember back in college (which was coincidentally in Chicago) I'd see talk shows that had the whole "adult baby/adults into wearing diapers" guests... and after the initial shock (& often times the desire to vomit) I'd laugh my ass off. People can be just so freakin' weird... so so so weird!
I couldn't even make it past the 2 min. mark on that video! I was totally squirming in my seat.