Thursday, May 26, 2011


Thursday, May 26, 2011

What was the last thing you lost?

My mind. Have you seen it? I really need it back. :(

So much for my big plans for the day. It hasn't stopped raining/storming since last night. It's freezing outside (feels like about 27) which is all great for me, but I don't really want Stud Muffin taking his driving test in weather like this. He's already nervous enough. Maybe the rain will stop by the time his final exam is over. Keep your fingers crossed.

**update** 4:00pm

The weather is STILL kinda rainy/drizzly/yucky, so Stud didn't want to go to the DMV. Guess we'll have to try again tomorrow. The good news is - HE'S ON SUMMER VACATION!


Mary A. said...

my phone. Oh there it is.

Should lose it again in about 10 minutes. . . .

Busy Bee Suz said...

I hope you find your mind...look under the couch cushions.
Best of luck on the driving test SM!!

jlo said...

My classroom timer. Think someone stole it. And I'm mad about it. I use that thing everyday. :)

M said...

Lost? My class...

Wow, here in CA you ahve to make an appointment months ahead to take your driving test. You show up or you have to wait months for another...sounds like you made a good choice to wait.

Yay for summer vacation...when are you out? 10 more days here!

Maria said...

I seldom lose anything. Bing, on the other hand, loses everything. Twice a day.

Sometimes thrice.

C said...

awww he's taking his drivers test? i bit all me nails off when my first son took his. i still always worry when any of them drive and ask god to watch over them.. and the people around them, lol. so cheech, whatcha doin for the summer? i hope you wont be teaching, you NEED a break from that madness.

i think i found your mind in my box of frosted flakes this morning! lmao

i havent lost mine, it RAN AWAY. so if you see it up in your parts of the country, tell it i'm lost without it.... k?