Friday, February 4, 2011

A Day by the Numbers

60 -- The number of minutes earlier I got out of bed this morning
9 -- The actual temperature when I left the house this morning
-10 -- The windchill factor when I left the house this morning
15 -- The number of minutes it takes me to get to school (on a good morning)
45 -- The number of minutes it took me to get to school this morning
23 -- The number of teachers on staff
14 -- The number of teachers who took a sick day today
29 -- The number of babies in my class
4 -- The number of my babies that showed up today


Pissed Off said...

Good thing school was open, right!

M said...

Really? A Friday after snow days...when no one an get anywhere...and schooli s open? How fun with just 4 though...did you get other kids from the classes where teachers were "sick?"

Jim said...

I like this post and its format....great idea. I remember those days when teachers had to go and there were hardly any kids. Time to REALLY get to know the ones that showed! Not bad though.
I will see if I can take a pick of the whole row of mugs....need Ron's camera for that. Check todays post for an update in a bit.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my know I hate numbers. And some of these are just woozies!!

Sandra said...

From 29 to 4...I'd say it was a nice easy day then!

Mary A. said...

I am surprised they opened school.

Of course, I live in a town that shut down for 2 days because there was a rumor that it might snow. . .

Maria said...

Understood. I went to work last week after the snowstorm and out of our 10 people staff, only 3 of us showed up. One was one of our three secretaries and she had the fun job of canceling everyone's appts who didn't show up!

Katie said...

Wow! I'd say, they should have cancelled! Good for you though...for getting in! I may steal your format for a future post once my writers block subsides.