Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I think we need to keep working on those letter sounds...


"Excuse me?!"

"Yeah, he just said, 'N@$%#$%!' "

"Um, well, that word starts with an N, not an A. And, you're right, that's NOT a word we use in here."


Misfits Vintage said...

Makes you wonder what they are hearing at home if everything they hear is "the A word"...

You damn worthless aardvark! You and your antelopes buddies can just kiss my sorry asteroid if you think I'm gonna put up with your archery, you arachnid!

That would NOT be appropriate in my house, motherfuckers.

Anonymous said...

The first job that I ever had was a leave replacement for second/third graders who were emotionally disturbed. Some of the kids had separation issues at first when their pregnant teacher left for maternity.

So one of the emotionally disturbed children said in reference to me, "She is a s$%t face, dumb b$%ch, mother f$%ker".

I look at the paraprofessional in the room and I say to him, "Well he is making my job easier. At least he knows how to use adjectives."

Change for Good said...


Check out the video on my blog about Parent Teacher Conferences!!!!

I'm going to get the yahoo messenger on the computer for the next Bachelor!

Ankita Sharma said...

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