Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I had no idea!!

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Thanks to this brilliant man, I found out that today is National Margarita Day! Woo-freakin'-hoo!!!! I know I already shared with you that I gifted myself with this a couple of weeks ago.I just made a VERY large margarita (actually, about the amount in the photo above!), and I'm getting all set to enjoy it while watching Glee. Sounds like a perfect night to me!


Mary A. said...

It's days like today that made me wish I was still drinking.

Actually, most days make me wish I was still drinking. . . .which is why I'm not.

Enjoy your slushy yummies.

Change for Good said...

I totally crashed out and have to watch the Bachelor online. This week is kicking my tail!!!

When is the deadline to donate? I can donate, but I need to wait until my next paycheck comes in. :)

Maria said...

I have no idea what happened. It's like I hit age 40 and suddenly I could not hold my liquor anymore. Pissed me off. Because I used to be able to drink everyone under the table. Now, one glass of wine and I am "tipsy." Makes me feel like a deb. If I drank a margarita that size, I would turn into one of the "weepy girl drunks" on "GLEE."

Busy Bee Suz said...

The margarita certainly was fitting for the glee theme last night!!!

C said...

i'll drink to that!

Change for Good said...

My video better make your blog!!! Happy Thursday!!! :)

jlo said...

So jealous! A margarita AND Glee? Bliss!

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