Thursday, February 24, 2011

Do you need a giggle?

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I had a very long day today, a meeting after school, problems with Stud this morning at school, I could go on and on. However, when I came home and went directly to my favorite form of stress-relief (reading blogs!! Get your minds outta the gutter!) I watched this and my troubles seemed to melt away. They were melted by the tears streaming down my face, as I laughed my ass off!!

I just stole this from the totally whacky Teisha. Thanks!


Just Plain Tired said...

lol -- That was one goofy video. Badgers are definitely mean though.

Teisha said...

Glad that I could help! I still laugh every. time.

Badger don't care.

C said...

i had to close my eyes thru most of this because i cant watch one animal eating another and snakes gag me! BUT i did listen to this [i'm posi he is gay] mans voice, "he just doesnt give a shit" and that made me laugh!!!!

fuckin honey badgers... mean lil bastards, and nasty, too. ewww yuk

Busy Bee Suz said...

Honey badgers are bad ass.
I might not eat for most of the day today now...thanks for the diet!

Jim said...

That's EXACTLY what I want to come back as in my next life!! NOT! lol
I din't like snakes one little bit either and have seen my WHOLE YEARS WORTH just now! Thanks......

ModernMom said...

LOL Can yo imagine if you could teach this way??

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