Wednesday, February 2, 2011

He never ceases to amaze me... (updated)

I was sitting on my bed, talking to Bestest Friend, when I heard a snowblower in my neighbor's driveway. I assumed it was the guy across the street, who usually shovels/snowblows for her. Suddenly, massive amounts of snow were being thrown against my bedroom window. I didn't really give it too much thought, since I knew it was being thrown from the machine. I did, however, get up after a few minutes to look out the window, and saw several of my neighbors out shoveling in front of their houses. As I joked with Bestest Friend about my industrious neighbors, and my ABSOLUTE laziness, I wandered out to my living room. I took a peek out my front door and saw this:

Oh my hell, it was CSJ!!! I had been listening to the snowblower for about 30 minutes at this point, but like I said, I assumed it was my neighbor.

He literally just left. All told, I think he was out there for nearly 3 hours. He did pretty much the whole section of street in front of my house, my neighbors' sidewalks on both sides of me, and both their driveways. My driveway is crazy big for a typical Chicago lot (it's a double-wide, and about 100 feet long, if not more) so it took him a while. He must have had his dad drop him off, and he used his snowblower, which is a really nice one.

Right before he left, I suddenly heard a loud "BOOM" on the side of my house, which scared the shit out of me! I ran to Stud's room to try and look out the window, but couldn't see anything. I then went to the front window, while there was another 'boom.' When I looked out, I saw a truck, with a plow, barreling down my driveway, toward the street. He did it a couple more times, then pulled out into the street, got out, and yelled something to CSJ, then left.
*UPDATE* I just got the scoop from CSJ. I guess his dad met this guy at the gas station, and asked him to come to my house and plow. But, by the time they got there (because my FIL got stuck) CSJ was already pretty much finished. He made a couple of passes, but there was hardly any snow that needed to be removed. My FIL still paid him $30 because the guy waited around while my FIL was stuck.

There was also a big truck with a trailer parked in the street. It was CSJ's dad, who came back to pick him up. I am ever so thankful to the both of them. Except now, I have no excuse to not go to work tomorrow, since now I can get out of my garage. tee hee!


karen gerstenberger said...

Is this CSJ's way of romancing you? Instead of a dozen roses, 3 hours of snowblowing? Let us know, please!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I would say this is foreplay. With wine and candles. Damnit.

karen gerstenberger said...

Suz, I was going to use that same word, but I thought it was PG here! =)

ChiTown Girl said...

Karen, you just made me crack up! Since when have you ever known ME to keep things PG?! tee hee hee!

karen gerstenberger said...

Too true, but I don't want to be the one to bring the censors down on your head! =) It's YOUR blog - you can be risque here.