Sunday, October 11, 2009


OK, I may have hit an all-time low, even for me. This was my thermostat this morning when I woke up. The temperature outside was in the low 40s (as I type this at 8pm, it's currently 41) and my house felt a bit like a meat locker. Yesterday, the thermostat hovered around 54 most of the day, and I broke down and brought up the space heater from the basement last night. I put it in the living room where Stud and I sat together all night. My poor baby was so cold, I couldn't keep torturing him. He was all bundled up in his robe again, over his clothes! I put the space heater right next to him and I wrapped myself up in a warm, fuzzy blanket on the couch.

This morning, when I saw 5-freakin'-2 on the thermostat, I realized I was being a bit ridiculous. But, not nearly as ridiculous as my gas bill is going to be next month. :(


Jason, as himself said...

Now that just hurts my feelings.

I was going to say, "Haven't they heard of furnaces in Chicago?"

Katy said...

52 IN THE HOUSE?!?! Girl you are a martyr to your gas bill, that's really damn cold! I think I'm doing really well to keep the thermostat set at 68 rather than the 71 I would LIKE to have it at but someone complains about the bill.

He should have married someone like you! :-)

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

You seriously need to get some freaking heat.

Coll said...

Do you need a new furnace my dear? Your bill should not be that high if you set it on 68. I had to get a new furnace a few years ago and the difference IS amazing, actually. Also, just so you know, if you let the house get too cold and then try to heat it up, you use more energy than if you just left it between 65-69. (This was mentioned on TV last year and our school engineer told me, too. It also applies to the AC and cooling the house.)

jlo said...

YOu sure know how t o save money! Just don't freeze yourself to death doing it! ;)