Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Stuffy?

Things that pissed me off today:

1) New Principal decided that the spot I've been parking in for EIGHT YEARS is now HER new spot!

2) All but one of the little darlings showed up today. (Ok, I know this is mean, but I'm just keeping it real!)

3) I started to feel that tell-tale tickle/scratch in my throat last night, didn't sleep well at all because I kept waking up cuz I couldn't breathe, spent the day sneezing and blowing my nose!

4) Came home to find a message from one of Stud's teachers on my machine. Suffice it to say, he's in SERIOUS trouble. CSJ and I decided that, until further notice, there will be NO cell phone, IPod or computer.

Things that made me smile today:

1) My babies drew cute pictures of themselves today in their Halloween costumes.

2) Every time I take the babies anywhere (lunch, prep, etc.) most of them stop, as they walk by me, and give me a hug. There are LOTS of "Mrs. L., I love you!!"s thrown in there, too. (Why do they have to make it so damn hard to not fall in love with them!?)

3) My good friend, in the room next door, brought me some really cute Halloween pom-poms that I will use when we "cheer" out our reading words.

4) Today is my little niece's 13th birthday! WTF?! It was about a week ago that I watched her (literally!!) pop out of her mother!

5) She had her first Pon-Pom performance this afternoon. (I wasn't in a very good spot for videotaping, but it's still pretty cute!) [She's on the "white side" when the song starts, closest to the middle, second one back. She has a ponytail.]

6) We all (my sister, her girls, my daddy, Stud and I) went to dinner to celebrate the new teenager (yikes!)

7) Stud fell asleep in the car on the way home, and then went straight to bed when we got home. He hasn't gone to bed at 8 pm since he was about 6 years old! I guess when you don't have a phone, IPod or computer, there's nothing else to do, huh? Oh well, too bad, so sad!

Hmmm...whatta ya know? The good outweighed the bad. On that note, I'm gonna hit the sack. (Something else that makes me smile!) I just hope I'll be able to breathe!!


Lakeland Jo said...

I enjoyed the video -thanks for sharing. Sorry about the cold- miserable. Glad the pluses outweighted the minuses in the end

Change for Good said...

Girl....I am going to the doctor tomorrow...and then straight to get a mani/pedi. LONG OVERDUE!!! :)

I always have a few things from work that really grate on my nerves!!!

Clippy Mat said...

greeat lists.
how does the new principal figure that she can take your spot pray tell? rude!
that video is cute. it's very similar to MY workout every morning .... NOT. LOL
Stud. bad boy! :-(
feel better ;-)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Hope you feel better!!!!
Happy birthday to the 'new' teenager!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better!!!!!