Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A few quickies

Did you miss out on your daily dose of tears? Well, then check this out. They'll be happy tears, I promise!

One of my little darlings, JC, has a fairly severe stuttering issue. He really struggles to get out his words. Sometimes it's just painful to witness. He gets these little "hiccups" or "hics," I guess, as well as doing these gasp-like breaths. It's so hard to watch him struggle. But, then sometimes, he has a string of words just flow out of his mouth.

Anyway, while we were standing in the hall this afternoon, taking our bathroom break, he stepped out of line, came over to me and says:

JC: I had a dream about us last night! (This sentence literally took about 45 seconds to get out.)
Me: You did? What was it about?
JC: We were in the Land of Milk and Cookies! (This was accompanied by a HUGE smile!)
Me: Really? That sounds cool! What were we doing?
JC: We were exploring!

Too cute! Later, when it was gym time, I had to take the kids myself because Ms. H. didn't come today. This is the first time so far this year that I've had to make the hike up to the 4th floor. It nearly killed me! Anyway, there was still a class in the gym when we got there, and they were a bit noisy, to say the least. Of course, MY babies started to complain about the noise (hmm, where would they get THAT from?!) and some covered their ears. One of the boys, CS, says, "It's too noisy!! All this noise is making my brain bleed!" I was cracking up! I repeated what he said, only to find out I heard him wrong. He repeated what he actually said, "All this noise is making my brain beat! You know 'beat, beat, beat'!" This was accompanied by some helpful hand gestures near his head. Either way, it was funny.

OK, that's all I have the strength for tonight. I know I've been slacking, but I'm still fighting this nasty bug. Plus, I started my new grad school program over the weekend, and I'm already thinking of dropping out. :( How can I already be overwhelmed, when the class didn't officially start until yesterday?!


karen gerstenberger said...

I'm just getting caught up here, and am so sorry that you've been sick! I wonder if that is why you're feeling a little overwhelmed with your new classes. I wish I could bring some "Comforting chicken soup" to you (my favorite feel-good recipe)!
I hope that Stud dodges that H1N1 bullet, too, and that whatever he's in trouble for, he learns his lesson quickly (and without too much trouble) for you, his dad or Stud himself. Your school babies sound adorable! I love the stories!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I have a lot in common with your kids...my brain bleeds with too much noise and I often dream of cookies and MILK!!!!
I hope you feel better! Don't give up on your classes yet...YOU can do it. :)

ModernMom said...

Oh that really i8s too cute! I too am a hater off too much noise in the gym!!
Glad you are feeling better!

Clippy Mat said...

slow down woman. don't overdo it.