Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Well, whatta ya know?

Here's the email I sent New Principal this afternoon:

New Principal,
If I may, I wanted to give you a little feedback about our new lunch schedule. I realize today was the first day, but in my opinion, things did not go smoothly. There are 5 classrooms scheduled for lunch at 11:10. Although there is enough
seating to accommodate 5 classrooms, there is only ONE lunch counter to service approximately 125 children. The last classroom to enter the lunchroom would not be served and seated until nearly 11:20, which was the situation today for my babies. That leaves them less than 10 minutes to eat, because they need to dump trays and line up by 11:30 so the next group can enter the lunchroom.

Is it possible to stagger the lunch times, by say, 5 minutes, so that each class arrives at a different time, allowing the lunchroom staff to serve them one class at a time? There is also the issue of 5 rooms converging on the lunchroom at the same time, which means over 100 kids in the hall at the same time, since only one class can really fit in the lunch line at a time. Maybe Room 104 can go back to our original 11:00 time, then 101 @ 11:05, 102 @ 11:10, 115 @ 11:15, etc. Or, even if we did 2 classes at the same time (104 & 102 @ 11:00, 101 & 115 @ 11:10) it would help some. This new schedule also caused a major backlog at the restrooms this morning, as most of us like to take our class to the restroom on the way to lunch so they can wash their hands.

I figured I'd throw it out there, it's just a thought... :)

ChiTown Girl

Yeah, probably a little bitchy, but believe me, I held back! I just checked my school email for the hell of it, just to see if she replied, and low and behold, this was in my inbox:

Try bringing your babies in at 11:00 along with 115, 102 and 101 come to lunch at 11:10. Remember, everyone cannot use the toilet at the same time. Bring them earlier or later. There is hand sanitizer everywhere, that should not hold up the lunches. Let's see if this plan works better, OK.

New Principal

I am SO not used to actually getting a response to my suggestions/concerns. Wow. THIS is why I can't decide how I feel about her! Well, at least I know tomorrow will go a little smoother. And, hey, I even have a prep tomorrow! (Did I forget to mention that Wednesday is now my 'no prep' day? Yeah, that contributed to my crappy day, for sure!)


Clippy Mat said...

YOU should be the principal of that school. things would certainly be a whole lot smoother.
i hope you get a raise, or some kind of recognition for all of your efforts. rename the hell-hole after you?

Busy Bee Suz said...

Tis better to get a reply that you may not like, than none at all. She is listening and trying...that is a good thing. :)

Coll said...

Am I the only one who noticed the grammatical errors in the head honcho's note? (MY turn to be bitchy, ChiTown Girl!)

ChiTown Girl said...

Clippy - you are hilarious!!! I wish you were in charge of raises, that's for sure!!

Suz - I'm with you. At least she's listening. :)

Coll - I wasn't gonna go there, but thanks for taking part in the bitchy-ness! ;-)