Monday, December 8, 2008

While I was away...

...some stuff was going on! Here is a modge-podge of "stuff" I've been meaning to post about.

I did a seriously half-assed job of decorating this year. I just haven't been in the mood to do all the holiday stuff. Perhaps my three jobs have something to do with my lack of enthusiasm? I don't even know why I'm sharing these pictures with you, since the decorating pretty much sucks.

I usually look so forward to the day after Thanksgiving, as that's usually my big decorating day. In the three years that it's taken to finish my freakin' basement remodel (a post for another day!!) I haven't really done the big decorating. At least not inside, since it's been pretty much a mess for the past three years. Over the past couple of years, I've been slowly weeding out the decorations that didn't work, and last year, I finally threw out all my lights. Most of them were strings that only half worked (I would just bunch up the half that didn't work, so you couldn't see them) and I was sick of using them. I got rid of everything! I also threw out my Christmas tree a couple of years ago, since it had gotten filthy with construction dust. The past few years, I've been purchasing a potted "baby" tree at Sam's Club and just setting it on a table as our Christmas tree. I know, pretty lame, right?

I went to WalMart the day after Thanksgiving, and long story short, I picked up a couple of trees for $25 each. Yay! They're pre-lit, which I've always been vehemently opposed to, but I figured, screw it, they're $25! Once I got them home, and opened the boxes, I fell in love! I actually bought extra lights, since I figured there wouldn't be enough on the tree, but once I plugged them in, I was pleasantly surprised. I didn't need to put any more lights on the tree, and that left me lights to string around the room in the basement. It looks perfect for the party my son will be having Friday night. (I haven't taken pictures yet of the decorations, but I probably will the night of the party.)

But, I'm still a sad, sorry case. I only brought one box of ornaments in from the garage (because they were in my way when I was trying to get my outdoor decorations) and they happened to be my son's. It's only about a third of what he has. Every year since he's been born, my mother, sister and I have always given him personalized ornaments every Christmas. Plus, other people have given him ornaments here and there over the years. He has more than enough to decorate a whole tree. Like a said, I brought about a third of them in, and we used them to decorate the tree in the basement, which is "his" tree. No garland or tinsel, just a scattering of ornaments. Like I said, sad! But, it actually doesn't look that bad, does it? I know, it needs a skirt, I'm working on that.
Yes, ever the teacher, I put my Christmas books on display on top of the bookcase. My son has his own bookcase in his section of the basement, and there's about 20 Christmas books on top of it. I know, I'm a dork!
These are the only decorations I put outside. I decided to just "showcase" all my penguins. Plus, Santa, of course! The landscaping is all new (I had it done in November) so the bushes are so little! The are barely big enough to justify lights!Lame, right? I should be embarrassed by these photos, I know. I didn't realize until after I uploaded the pictures to my computer that I didn't get my inside tree in the picture window. I think I had the blinds closed. Oh well, no big deal. It only looks good from a distance, since there's not a single thing on it. Seriously. I didn't put one single, solitary ornament on the tree. I had originally planned to put all my penguin ornaments on it, as I have enough of those to decorate two trees. But, when I went out to the garage to look for them, I suddenly became overwhelmed by the thought of first, lugging all the boxes in, then realizing that in three short weeks, I'd have to pack them all back up and drag them back out to the garage. I just said, "Screw it!" Yeah, I'm definitely feeling the effects of the chronic fatigue I've been suffering with lately. I suppose three jobs will do that to you. That's why I'm cutting myself so much slack, and I refuse to feel guilty about this. The one upside is that we have gorgeous snow on the ground, which always makes the lights and decorations look even better. Gotta LOVE Christmas in Chicago!!

Well, this post has wiped me out. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I'm trying to watch the series finale of Boston Legal while I type! I know there was more "stuff" I meant to share, but it's going to have to wait until next time. You're welcome! ;-)


Carebear said...

I don't think the decorations are lame. At least you have a tree up, we are waiting because I am afraid of DDT trying to climb ours. This weekend will be it though and I will of course blog about it!

Caroline said...

Great decorations! I so miss Chicago!!! I moved out to Cali last year and it's so's warm! What I really miss is when it snows and then eveyone takes their chairs and paint buckets to hold there spot. LOL! Oh, your post put a big smile on my face today!

I'll be back to your blog to get my Chicago least I ate a ton of Italian beef over Thenaksgiving when I back to visit!!

P.S. found you through the Jason show!

Caroline said...

I meant Thanksgiving...I need spell check :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

None of this is lame.....the tree is lovely even with out ornaments. I love all the penguins...and in the snow for that matter.
I am a dork too, because we have tons of beautiful Christmas books that I bring out for the season. Such good memories in the books for me...reading w/ my girls.
Take care and don't be so hard on yourself!!

Clippy Mat said...

no way.
you did a great job. well done.
i love your penguins.

Christina Shaver said...

Don't be so down on your decorations!! They are cute! And hey, at least you have some up. That's more than I can say for myself!

jlo said...

You are being way too hard on yourself. It looks great and I love the penguins outside. I want to get more stuff for outside, but it just about kills Andy to put the lights up as it is! I also have a basket of Christmas books that I only get out at this time of year too. Teachers til the end!!

Rabidparadise said...

Your decorations are beautiful! I think the prettiest trees are ones with ornaments just like you said; given over the years by family, friends and loved ones. They're all I have, and I've never wanted more. I've always bought my kids at least one a year so they'll be able to decorate their own tree when they move, my parents did the same. It's my favorite Christmas tradition, each piece with its own special memory! <3

Also, you have snow!! I'm going through winter gear and realizing there is NO use for a down coat with matching snowsuit. And the skis? Yea, not happening.
I miss snow!

Pissed Off said...

Beautiful decorations. Have a wonderful Christmas.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Your decorations are not lame at ALL!
My outdoor decorations.... now those are lame. I didn't even put lights on the BIG row of bushes (that are basically MADE for lights)... and the little row of bushes.... I bought this tiny "mesh" thing of lights that only covers like half of them - and I just basically threw it on top - like a fish net - it looks HORRIBLE. I'm sure my neighbors are embarrassed. (It will probably be discussed at the next HOA meeting... I will be the object of public ridicule and derision.) Ha!