Thursday, December 18, 2008

Private Post

The post is for Auntie KBL, and Auntie KBL ONLY! OK, I guess her BelovED can take a peek, too. Obviously, I can't keep the rest of you from looking, but I'm warning you now, it's BORING!

I LOVE this stuff!!
Getting in a good shake!How cute is he?!You talkin' 'bout me?
Alright, enough already!! I'm trying to take a nap here!
He just wouldn't do anything cute, sorry.

Still trying to capture some cute. The UPS guy distracted him :(

This is a loonngg clip and makes me a little sad. You can totally see how deaf he's become. You can see his Husky mask showing, mostly when he's in the darker part of the yard. You can also see his Shepard tail when he's walking away. Despite how much he pisses me off, he's still pretty damn cute.

It figures, as soon as I want to take a couple more pictures of him, he decides he wants to play! Dorky Dog!! By the time I switched modes on my camera, he was done being cute :(

OK, I started this friggin' post on Thursday, but Blogger decided to act like a PMSing little bitch that night, and wouldn't finish downloading these damn videos!! It's now 7:00 pm Saturay night, and I'm just now able to finally finish this. Ugh! Auntie KBL, I hope you appreciate the aggravation I endured for you!!!! Good thing I LOVE you!


OK, I just clicked on the videos, and they are so freakin' dark, you can't even see what the hell is going on !! I'm hoping it's just my computer, and that you'll be able to see them. Darn it!


KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV said...

Dearest Buster,

Thank you for enduring the most hated camera so that I may selfishly ogle your heartwarming cuteness. I often subject my furbabies to similar treatment.

You're a little old senior pup like my Achilles, huh? I'm glad you get to snuggle on a warm bed after frolicking in the snow this Christmas. Please keep your mama and her human baby safe and happy. Give them many, many licks and slobbery kisses. They love it.

Oh, and make sure you send smoke signals when mama goes off...I'll be right on over, mmmkay? ;-) Mama and I will throw down Chi-style.

Thanks for the pics and videos!!! I luuuurved them! Got my Buster fix. Give him a kiss on the head and scratch his tummy for me, ok? Achilles and Milo send holiday greetings to their fur-cousin too.

Smileygirl said...

I feel soooo bad because when I was writing out your xmas card I completely forgot Buster's name. Please tell him I'm so sorry but, this was the day before my nasty ass flu bug hit so I was a little spacey the whole day and now I know why. I'm so sorry Buster.

Clippy Mat said...

he's a cute little old man.
a senior of the dog world.
a noble dog.
and cute.

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