Monday, December 15, 2008

Thanks, Pops!

Once again, my daddy sent me a great email today. This is seriously one of my favorite Christmas songs. It's definitely in my Top 10, if not my Top 5. Check it out.

I got another great email from a friend today letting me know what our new state motto is:

Illinois - Where our governors make our license plates

Maybe it's just me, but it made me giggle.

More proof that Italians are the most incredible people on Earth...My brother sent me this one today:

OK, dork that I am, this made me really miss my marching band days! :(

The weather here has been its usual schizophrenic self. It hit 50 yesterday, and this morning the windchill was below zero. The actual temperature hit about 10 degrees today. All four of my car doors were frozen shut this morning, despite letting my car run for almost 15 minutes before going outside. Thank goodness my son is practically a man now, because I had to use his muscle to get us in the car. However, I'm still walking around in my hooded sweatshirt, as it's not quite cold enough for a coat yet. ;-) I do keep my coat in the backseat, though, just in case my car breaks down or something.

The cold did keep some of my babies home today, which I fully expected. I had 6 out today! I shouldn't even admit it, but it was glorious! That's 1/4 of my class! If only that's the class size I had everyday.... We'd get so much more accomplished, that's for sure.

It's well past my bedtime, so I'll save the scoop about my son's party for next time.... ;-) Night, night!


Busy Bee Suz said...

Love the videos and that is one of my favorite OLD christmas songs too.
The weather is crazy. We were doing good and then it got hot yesterday....seriously I had to put on the a/c. that stinks.
Good thing you have a man around the would be a long walk to school if not!!!!

Christina Shaver said...

I can't handle this weather! I want to be wearing a sun dress!!!!!

miss r said...

It IS glorious having a small class. I have TWO-THIRDS of the students we each had last year.
I did get one kid from Chicago right after break. Get this. He didn't know his own name. And not in the way that a lot of our kids didn't last year (i.e. BooBoo and PooPoo). He just kinda said random names. So strange. And of course he knew no letters or sounds and counts to 5.
I'm proud to say after 1.5 months that is no longer the case. WONDERS I tell you. You can do WONDERS with a small class size!

miss r said...

counted* to 5.

KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV said...

Hi lady!

Happy Holidays! Love the video.

Hey, if you want bipolar, schizophrenic weather, come on down our way...ha!

Oh, hey, I don't know what email you were referring to in your comment...? :-( Let me know....

How's Buster? Haven't seen pics or videos of his sweet face in a while. Give him kisses for me!