Saturday, December 20, 2008

I heart the G Family!!!

I haven't written about the G Family in a while, but I still love them just as much as always!! Especially at this time of year. They never cease to amaze my with their generosity. Thursday morning, Mr. and Mrs. G showed up with 24 goody bags for my babies.
Each bag was lovingly decorated by hand by, what I'm guessing was, the entire G Family. I love that this family actually does things together! It's sad to me that they are the exception instead of the rule when it comes to the families in Englewood. I realize not everyone had the idyllic childhood that I was privileged to have, but most of the families in Englewood are the polar opposite of what I had as a child. Most of our kids are raising themselves. Nearly all the families are single parent families, many of our students are foster kids, oh my God....I'd better stop right now. I had NO intention of writing a rant. Let's see, where was I? Oh, yeah, the G Family!!

Mrs. G always makes old-fashioned goody bags, with a piece of fruit, and few pieces of candy and maybe a little toy. This year, she included a book and some crayons. How great is she?
Of course, she brought me a lovely gift basket like she does every year. This one was just as beautiful as all the others. Just in case I haven't said it lately, I LOVE THE G FAMILY!!!


KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV said...

G family rocks! If I were teaching in your position, people like the G family would make it soooo worthwhile.

Actually, seeing what the G family has done makes me wish I could do a little something for your babies as well...or for babies from another class maybe?

You know, next holiday season, maybe you can allow your Blogistani peeps to contribute to a little something special like this. Beloved and I give school supplies to a classroom here in the 'hood, but that's not as fun for the kiddies as toys would be I guess.

Let us know...we could get all of our stuff from Hey Teach! That would be really great.


ChiTown Girl said...

KBL!! That's an AWESOME idea! I love the girls over at Hey Teach. They've been generous to my babies in the past, and I think it would be great to do something that would benefit both them and my babies. You're so smart!! No wonder BelovED married you! And you thought it was just for your smokin' hot looks! ha!

8741 said...

Wow. I'm completely amazed. The G family takes the cake -- not just for Englewood families, but for the rest of us!!!!

I LOVE KBL's idea of doing a Hey Teach thing for your class. KBL, if you organize it, I'm IN.

Busy Bee Suz said...

What thoughtful people they are. How wonderful...such small meansures can really brighten ones day.
Take care.
Oh, and My a/c is fine, but I don't need it open....fresh air.....

Rabidparadise said...

What sweethearts! And, I'm sure it has a little something to do with the teacher also! ;-) KBL's idea is great, and I'd love to have a part in something like that!

Clippy Mat said...

The G Family are what makes the world a good place.
and all of that kindness makes a huge difference.
I heart them too.

KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV said...

Hey, look what I've started! I know, right!?

Girrrrrl, your class is going to be HOOKED UP next year!!!

Jason, as himself said...

Every once in a while, a family like this comes along. Don't they make such a huge difference?