Tuesday, December 9, 2008


And this clown was supposed to be helping our former governor get out of prison early! Haha!


Christina Shaver said...

Then they'll both be in the clinker!

My joke for the day:

"One of the dad's at Tyler's school was arrested this morning."

Yes. His kids and my kids go to the same school. Hopefully he's a better dad than a governor...

Caroline said...

I can't belive it...then again... Makes for good conversation...no one in Cali gets Chicago politics!

JUSTICE not "just us" said...

Our ex-governor "Steam-Roller" Spitzer is a whore monger and as mean as the grinch but he would never sold a Senate seat!

Hummm the Steam Roller was not so bad considering. LOL

The Girl Next Door said...

Funny - I almost had to go BACK to ChiTown for our hearing b/c it was in the same building as the infamous Indictment. Hey at least I'll always remember where I was that day! (the lovely, and I mean lovely, Judge said we could move forward given I had flown in just to be there to see him and deal with our conference....sigh)

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

You know.... when this news broke last week I heard about it second hand and I thought it was a JOKE. Seriously. I really could not BELIEVE, in my heart, that a sitting governor in our GREAT COUNTRY would be that ARROGANT... and EGOMANIACAL.

Clearly, I've been naive.

So sad.

This was the last thing Americans needed to see.... between the corruption on Wall Street, THIS, and now the Bernie Madoff scandal, it's extremely disheartening.