Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How cute are we?!

OK, my brother took these photos of us, and they are, admittedly, not very flattering for any of us. But, everytime I look at John's face, I start cracking up, so I had to share!! (John, I promise, I'm not making fun, it genuinely makes me happy to look at these, since then I remember how much we laughed Sunday night!)
How cute are these two!!? I had such a great time hanging out with Dana and John Sunday night. I was so nice for us all to get to know each other better. I hope they had as good a time as I did.


Miles To Go Before I Sleep...... said...

one... I wanted to give you that gift :-) A little tuition money for Lex (or however u deem it to be appropriate :-)

two... we had an excellent time sunday night! I was very pleased it was a chill night and not a busy night... we got the chance to sit back, relax, and talk. not scream at each other over noise and such :-)

three... we are a testiment to the fact that blogger "friends" CAN become real friends and we are not all whack jobs :-)

four... the first two pics aren't that bad :-) Not my most flattering side though! And FYI, John ALWAYS makes funny faces in pics... I only have one or two good ones where he's looking at the camera and smiling :-) Otherwise I have to sneak shots in on him when he's not looking :-)

five... I looked tanked in that last picture!!!! Holy Moly :-) Me and my liver decided that 9 martini's and a few shots was a BIT too much for us so we have made a deal and Dana's on "detox" right now... hopefuly my liver will thank me :-)

I'll talk to you soon!

Busy Bee Suz said...

SO cute. Glad you all had a good time.....9 martini's? A girl after my own heart (or liver?)

Rabidparadise said...

I was going to comment on how cute your bar is..but NINE martini's?

I have to admit. I'm astonished.
And, a little bit jealous too!

Glad you all had such a great time, and ALL the pictures are adorable. They show 3 people who obviously had a blast!

The Girl Next Door said...

I think the photos rock!

Jason, as himself said...

Times like this make the bad stuff all worth while!