Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy, happy birthday, My Baby!!

OK, technically, I'm a day late, but yesterday was so full of birthday "stuff" I obviously didn't have time to post.

I can NOT believe my "baby" turned 15 yesterday. 15!! How the hell did that happen?! Most of the time, I think I'm still 18 myself. I had intended to put together a lovely little montage of photos to highlight the past 15 years, but I've now been sitting here going through old photos for about 2 hours, and I'm not getting a thing done. I'm far too sentimental for this project. I started with the envelopes on the top of the box, so I have a few pictures to share, but they are not baby pictures. Considering that I have the next 5 days off (gotta love sick days!) I might just post a few a day until I get to those adorable baby pictures.

  • This was his 10th birthday, 5-freakin'-years ago!! He's so damn cute. (Jeez, I just realized this was in the middle of the kitchen remodel, and I see we had started peeling the wallpaper.)

  • I think this was taken the same year. We were trying to get a picture for our Christmas card. I could just eat up that face!!

  • This is my son and my niece, who is 6 months younger than him. She attends the
    sister school to his Catholic boys' school. Sometimes they still act like this.
    You know, like they love each other. Haha!

  • Here we are at Lincoln Park Zoo, one of my absolute FAVORITE places in Chicago! I think he was about 6 here.

  • As you can see, he's getting younger and younger. This is all three of the kiddos at my older niece's ballet recital. I think this was May '99, so he was 5 1/2, she had just turned 5, and the little one was about 2 1/2. How cute are they!?

*Warning -Inappropriate comment coming*

This is my uber-hot brother. This picture is a few years old, and was taken at one of my nieces' dance recitals. After I had this picture developed (yes, back before I had a digital camera) my first thought was, "I'm sending this into The Bachelor!" He's pretty easy on the eyes, don't you think? I know, it's creepy for me to say that about my own brother, right? Sorry. But, look at him!

I'm going to keep digging through my boxes of photos, and scanning. Considering I have a LOT of free time from now until next Wednesday, I'll be back!!

(I suppose I should explain the time off. The students have today off as a teacher institute day, and next Monday is also a teacher institute day. We are all off next Tuesday for Veterans' Day. You would think the idiots that run the board of ed would have made Monday the observed holiday, so that the teachers could enjoy a three-day weekend, but no. They expect us to work Monday, then take Tuesday off. Morons! The kids are then off Wednesday because it's Report Card Pick-Up Day. I'll be out Thursday because I have a workshop to go to, so I'll only see the babies one day next week, Friday!! Anyway, I decided that since all my work is done and I'm completely prepared for Report Card Pick-Up Day, I am taking today and Monday off, and I'll be giving myself a 5-day weekend. It's only 11:00 on Friday morning, and I feel like I've been on vacation! This is exactly what I need after Wednesday's bombshell from the Big Cheese!)


C said...

HHMMMMMMM, if i wasn't already taken, and if i wasn't 53, and if i wasn't actually gay.... your'e lil bro is sure handsome.... i see why you are so proud of him.

C said...

i LOVE the picture of you and your son with the poinsetta's background! you both look so much alike. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him too, us scorpios are perty darn nice, i must say.

Jen said...

This one time it actually isn't CPS's fault. Brian's mad about it too in U-46, but I think it is nationwide. They passed the law a few years ago that Veterans Day HAD to be observed on the 11th, not the closest Monday. It sucked last year when it was Sunday, no day off at all!

Jen said...

I will add, though, that it would have been smart to make Monday the teacher institute day, or even report card pickup!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Happy birthday to the stud muffin. I hope he had a nice, you have a 15 year old??? you poor thing... ;) my kids are only 1 and 3.(I WISH!!!)
He is a cutie pie and always has been.
Your brother too. ;)
I hope you enjoy your long weekend, it should be like a vacation to you. You deserve some r and r. Enjoy friend!!

Clippy Mat said...

It's lovely to see how much he looks like you and how you have such a lovely relationship.
ENJOY your 5 day weekend. You deserve it. :-))

jlo said...

We have Monday off too, but have to work Tuesday. Whatever! What genius thought of that?

I love that our babies havethe same b-day!

KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV said...

Happy Birthday Sexy Lexy! I can call you that because you're *almost* legal now.


Smileygirl said...

Happy Birthday Lex! Please give him this message from me ok? Let's see if I can do it right:

Your birthday, it is.
Happy it will be.
15, you are.
Driving yet? In a car?

I'm not sure if I did it right. I was trying to talk in Yoda speak. Remember he was trying to teach me during your last visit and I just couldn't get it right??? Well that was my feeble attempt at wishing Lex a Happy Birthday. And cheers to you! Have an extra margarita for a job well done on raising such a fine young gentleman.