Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Oh so funny...

Melissa played this clip on her show this morning, and I literally had to stop getting dressed because I was laughing so hard. Enjoy!


C said...

chitowngirl= thank you for adding me to your blog roll. i really appreciate that! and i'm glad you enjoyed the "i am we todd it" joke on mine! hahahahehehehahahahehehe
you would NOT beleive how many of my peeps i've shown that to, who don't get it. they must be "we Todd its."



BusyBeeSuz said...

Very funny!!! Gotta share w/ the coach. ;)

Clippy Mat said...

Who's Melissa?

Smileygirl said...

I will have to show this to Tom. Soooo funny!

Let's see, I could add..."You're sure you're ready to go? Don't you want to do something with your hair???"