Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's a good thing I love my brother...

...cuz I'm sitting here at the bar right now, instead of being at home, which is HUGE because a new "Ugly Betty" was on tonight! Yeah, I'm a loser. I'm addicted to the show, and I was so psyched when the writers' strike ended so new episodes would come back. I had a big plan to leave here by 6:30 so I could get home in time to watch, but that didn't work, obviously. My sweet brother, God bless him, tried to put it on the TV here at the bar, but it wasn't really working out. I couldn't hear it over the music, plus, you know, there were other people here!

I've got most of the prep work finished for this weekend's menu. I think I just may cut out soon, since I do have to work tomorrow. No worries, though, I'm only working 3 days next week. Oo, and I just found out from my clerk that the last week of May, I'll only be working 2 days!! Hoo weee! I'm taking May 29th off for my son's 8th grade trip, then the 30th because it's the End-of-the-Year Picnic at his school. Naturally, as vice president of Parents' Club, I'm in charge of the event, so I can't miss it. Shame, isn't it? ;-) When I was telling the clerk, so she could record the dates on her calendar, she informed me that we're off that Monday, the 26th, for Memorial Day! Yahoo!

OK, time to go clean up the kitchen and pack up. My bed is calling me....
I have yet to hear a man ask for advice on how to combine marriage and a career. ---Gloria Steinem

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