Friday, May 2, 2008

I can't believe... painfully shy son, who normally has a hard time even speaking to people, has a HUGE SOLO tonight in the 8th grade show at the Ice Cream Social. I can't even believe it!! I'm so nervous and excited for him. I'm going to try and record it with my camera, and possibly post it here tomorrow, depending on how it goes. I'm really excited about this!! At home, he's always got music playing, just like his mama, and I listen to him singing from the other room all the time. I just can't believe he's willing to do it on stage, in front of the entire school, and their families. His father is actually going to come tonight, too (oh, joy!) so that he can videotape it for me.

I wasn't going to bitch about this, but since we all know that blogging serves as therapy half the time, let me just get this off my chest. This morning, during his usual morning phone call, my son's father told him about his plans to come tonight. You would have thought my son was told he was getting a million dollars. He yells out "Yay!" then after hanging up, excitedly tells me, "Dad's coming to the show tonight!" Well, laddy-freakin-da!! Why aren't you excited that I'M coming to the show? Your father hasn't come to a damn thing for the past 8 years that you've been in grammer school. Not a Christmas show, not an awards assembly, not a social event, not a single fuckin' thing!! I, on the other hand, haven't MISSED a single thing, I've taken days off work to come to things, and I've single-handedly planned and executed most of the social events at that damn school just so YOU would have a good time!! I know it sounds stupid, but it hurt my feelings that he had such a reaction to his father coming to something. Now, of course, the rational side of me realizes that this probably isn't that unusual of a reaction from a child, especially when it involves the non-custodial parent. Naturally, he's so excited BECAUSE his father never comes to anything. I get that. It still pisses me off, though, I'm sorry. I just hope that when he's an adult, he appreciates all I've done for him over the years. Jeez, I sound like Wendy Whiner, huh? OK, moving on....

I'll be heading straight over to my "other job" from the show, so I probably should go try and take a 20 minute nap before heading over to the school. Either that, or I should go finish washing the load of bar towels I brought home last night. Yeah, I guess the towels win. Oh well, good thing there's a Dunkin Donuts two doors down from Intimo!! Have a great weekend!
Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness. ---Richard Carlson


Christina Shaver said...

Moms get taken for granted. I think that's what makes the world turn. And when kids have kids, everything that they took for granted is suddenly appreciated.

Miles To Go Before I Sleep...... said...

How did he do? I got your email and thank you for erasing it from the post :-) I don't know if I'll get to see you this trip because most everything we are doing is uptown :( and we are taking the El everywhere (cabs cost too dang much!). I would love to stop in on one of my trips though! I have the address in my head and if you get this before sunday, it would be great to know if your working at the bar on sunday at all? (You can just send me an email if you want :-)

I love this town though :-)