Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm back...

...sheesh, what happened to the last 5 days?! I never finished my birthday post, and I didn't post yesterday. Shame on me!!
Let's see, where did I leave off? I showed you my car. When I got to school, my good friend across the hall, Mrs. M., brought me flowers in a pretty vase.

My Dori brought me a whole bag of bath goodies. Sadly, I haven't had a chance to use any of them just yet, but believe me, it's coming soon! She gave me some great body wash, in-shower moisturizer, an exfoliating cloth, some lavender-scented hand soap, and a gel mask that can be used hot or cold. Believe it or not, I don't have one of those, so I'm really excited. I'm really anticipating the relief it'll provide when I get my next migraine!

Dori and Mrs. M. took me out for lunch at our favorite hotspot - Subway! We decided to get our lunch to-go, and we ate in Dori's room. As I was standing up to go get my babies from art, I looked up at Dori's window, and there was my brother's handsome face!! I just shouted, "My brother's here!!" I went running to the door to let him in, and imagine my surprise when I opened the door and saw my mommy, too! I can NOT believe my mother came to Englewood for my birthday. Now that's love! My mom and brother brought me flowers and brownies, and some candy for the babies.

All my pretty birthday flowers!

Speaking of birthday flowers, here are the ones I told you my wonderful mother-in-law planted for me last week.

They're really gonna look awesome when they start to grow and fill out their containers.
OK, back to the birthday surprises. My mom brought me a few "little" present at school. Look at this!!!! I LOVE it!!!
Can you see what it is? Of course you can! It's penguins!!! From far away, it just looks like a funky, silver bracelet. But, it's really made up of the most adorable creatures on Earth!! (Hey, KBL, should I send your Belov-ED one?)
Apparently, my mother thought this was a laugh riot. I don't know if I posted the horror I experienced recently at having to break down and buy reading glasses (gasp!) but my mother is eating it up. She thought this would be useful!
I guess this book tickled her funny bone, as well. It actually does have a bunch of cute comics in it. As a matter of fact, I purchased a couple of them to have on hand to add to birthday gifts myself.
I forgot to show you what the front door looked like the morning of my birthday. My mom and sister originally had planned to cover my front lawn with balloons (table cloth to match) but they kept blowing away, which is why they stuffed my car instead. Oh, those silly girls!
Since I'm showing you all my pretty flowers, I wanted to show you my favorite thing in my backyard. My lilac bush!! It always opens it blossoms the week of my birthday. That's so nice of it, isn't it? My yard has smelled heavenly for the past week or so. I usually have my hammock on my deck right in front of the bush, and I literally just lie there and drink in the heavenly scent of lilac.I have a little more to share from the night of my birthday, but this post has worn me out. I've never posted this many pictures at one time, and it takes forever! I'll have to continue tomorrow, plus I have a few funny stories about the babies. Remember the babies, the actual point of this blog? Until we meet again....
Age does not diminish the extreme disappointment of having a scoop of ice cream fall from the cone. ~Jim Fiebig
Amen, Jim, amen!!


Smileygirl said...

You need to open a florist shop with all those flowers! I LOOOOOOOVE the lilac bush. I feel like I can smell the fragrance through my screen. We planted a couple bushes here but they have yet to bloom. I think it takes a couple years. Bummer.

Miles To Go Before I Sleep...... said...

Good lord lady.... I think some people out there love you on your birthday :-) Your home has to smell so good now!!!!

I'm very jealous of the lilac bush... It is my all time favorite flower and I don't have one freakin' bush in my yard :( (I used to but they got chopped down and I was mad then and still mad today!)

I hope you had a great birthday and mother's day :-)