Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My new bestie, Funny, just emailed this to me. Right after I changed my pee-soaked pants, I came here to share it with you! You're welcome.She totally gets me!!

And just for the record, that's totally accurate. We're having a heat wave from hell. I've got the evening news on, and the weather guy just finished saying that there's no relief in sight. The temperature tomorrow is supposed to be 99, and 101 for Thursday. I think it was 99 today. The heat indices for all three days has been between 105-110. So, basically, see above!


Mark said...

If I don't hear from you ever again, I'll remember you fondly.
Good luck with the next couple of days!

Melanie said...

Bite me. We've already been up to an ACTUAL 106 here and we're just getting started, so don't complain about your 101, you big baby. :P