Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Do you need a good laugh?

My brother shared this with me today, so of course, I had to share it with you!! (This is only the beginning of the video, because it was too big for him to send the whole thing.)

I told my brother that this video should be used to create a PSA for pit bulls. What she's laughing at here are the dogs. My brother has a rescued pit, as does her mom (a gift from my brother a few years ago). I know they may sound menacing, but that's just how they play. And, she's ALWAYS smack in the middle of that play.

Actually, the second half of the video really shows that better. The dogs are playing tug-o-war with some rubber rings, and Monkey gets right in there and tries to pull the ring away from the both of them. I've seen her do things to Pootz (her daddy's dog) that would make most dogs snap at her. She steps on his head, takes things out of his mouth, pulls on his tail, etc. And, he could not be more gentle with her.

He's incredibly protective of her, too. My mom likes to play a "game" with her, where my mom gets on her hands and knees and 'chases' Monkey around the table. It's actually really cute to watch, because Monkey is so damn smart, and she constantly stops and reverses, thinking she can out-smart Grandma. Well, the dog always goes ape-shit-crazy when they play, because I guess he thinks my mom is really chasing the baby. It's pretty funny.

Anyway, the point of this long-winded story is, I guess, that pits get a bad rap, which infuriates me. Every pit I've EVER encountered (and there have been MANY) have been the sweetest, friendliest, most loving dogs I've known. That's why I want people to see this video (the unedited version, really) to see how happy these two pits make my Monkey.

Ok, PSA over.


Funny in My Mind said...

I agree with you. I would never trust any dog alone with a baby. That is just common sense and your brother obviously knows what he is doing! We have German shepherds and they get a bad rap too. Actually, mine would probably eat someone if they messed with me. A warning to potential freaks.

Funny in My Mind said...

And her laugh is adorable!!

M said...

Oh my gosh that is too cute!

My kids would crawl right over the top of our dog...when he had enough he would get up and walk away. My dog also came to work with me every day and slept under the table. When he needed out someone would open the door and let him out. He was the best!

There was just a study done on kids who grow up with dogs in the hosue are less likely to have colds and ear infections! Monkey is one lucky kiddo!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Very sweet. She is too cute! Dogs make me nervous, they just do... I have a friend who's dog bit her son in the face...he had to be quarantined, but she took the dog back, blaming her son for being bitten. We, even the dog lovers among us, were astonished. I know there are more good than bad dogs, but stories like that make me too nervous!

Melanie said...

That laugh is the most gorgeous sound! And I'm with you on pit bulls, actually all dogs. It is all about how they are raised and how the owners treat them. They do seem to have a bit of an ingrained thing where they will eat someone's face if prompted, but that is only if it is brought out by their handling and mistreatment. Pits are amazing dogs that need to be respected and treated with love - as all dogs do. And the very fact that you all let Monkey anywhere near two of them is proof that yours are fab dogs and she is lucky to have them as protectors!

Sonya Ann said...

I had a Rott and it ticked me off to no end when someone would tell me how bad my dog was. Thor, my dog, was the biggest baby ever and thought that he was a lap dog. Sad that the breed is punished for stupid owners.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I've had toddlers crawl all over our boxers too...and they are so patient. Pitts are long as they have been treated well. Just like any critter; they all have their own personalities.
That laugh? Makes my ovaries hurt. Thanks for that.