Monday, July 16, 2012

It's so hot....

I'm sooooo hungover after my BIRFFDAY bash! I hope this breakfast helps.

This just landed in my inbox. My brother is crazy. (And please don't comment about how inappropriate it is for him to say his baby has a hangover. It's a freakin' JOKE people!) This picture is too cute. But, I want to know why a certain auntie wasn't invited!!

(Hey, Jo! Recognize this restaurant? =) )

I really wanted to share the party with you yesterday, but after a LOONNNGGGG, exhausting day, I walked into a house that was hotter than it was outside! Remember, friends, we're in the middle of a freakin' killer heat wave. Yep, my flimmin' flammin' air is out. AGAIN!!!!!

So, I'll be back to share after this hell is over. I was actually able to get a hold of my dad's friend (the one who fixed it last time) and he's on his way over. I hope he can fix it today because it's supposed to hit 100 again tomorrow. It's already 88 in here.


Mark said...

That baby has a "hangover"? How awful! I mean, HILARIOUS! Some babies in my extended Family actually do have hangovers. ha!
Love that baby!
m. said...

awww, i remember that place!!! and such a wonderful time with great friends!!! cute ones tooo! lol

she is soooo cute!! i would have a hangover too, lil cutie, so you go on and celebrate yourself!!!

OMG, your air is broken? how can a penguin live without air? no way....climb in the fridge!!! ehhhh, i hope they fix it quick. the temps here are a bit chillier, down in the lower 90's!!! ha!

hoping you have cooler temps and colder air in your place soon. and we get more pics!!! love that baby too! and i can still taste my waffle from that morning!!! yummy....

Funny in My Mind said...

Babies should be cut off after 3 drinks, plain and simple.
The air is out again??? What's up with that?

Jim said...

YIKES! 100 degrees! I am SO looking forward to the fall!! Enough of summer already!

That is the cutest photo of 'Monkey'! I bet her AUNTIE can't wait to see her again!! lol I got an idea! Why don't you adopt?! Just think of the photos and posts you could do with all the spare time you have!!!! lol

M said...

I am hoping that by the time I read this that your air conditioning is working!!!

And, that baby- OMG Is that baby the cutest kid ever?! And hahaha, HANGOVER is so funny...and if you offended someone then they shouldn't be reading your blog...otherwise they know that you would in no way give a child alcohol.

Hapy Monday!

C said...


Melanie said...

I just can't believe you would be so crude as to talk about a child and drinking in the same sentence. I mean, don't you have any class?

Wait! Aren't most babies made in a drunken stupor? Oh, then talk away! I just thought I would be a crazy commenter for a minute. Minute over.

Oh, and have I mentioned that baby is cute and that breakfast looks yummy and that heat sucks? No? I just did.

Busy Bee Suz said...

The baby hangover. Love it.
Our a/c was out last week. Well ONE of them....and I thought I might move. Best of luck keeping cool sister!