Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I need to stop watching the news...

The weather guy just said this is the hottest summer we've had here in Chicago in 41 years. Great, just great. 101, 102, 100. Those are the predicted temps for the next 3 days. Freakin' awesome.

The heat index is currently 96. At 10:22 PM. In Chicago. Fuck me.


Funny in My Mind said...

We have had the same heat but I think it has been getting down to the high 70's overnight. Not like I am out at night. We will be tomorrow at the resort restaurant, we only got outside seating with the late reservation.
I am usually inside at work where it is cool or at home cleaning where it is cool so I rarely get out in it.
No pool. My brother in law lives in my mother in laws house now that she is gone and there is a pool there but it creeps me out to swim there.
I just spent a mint on my hair and got my stupid nails done so I won't be setting foot in a pool this summer anyway.
I am starting to wonder why I love summer so much. We are too busy to do anything fun, and never have the extra money anymore for vacations anyway.
God, my life stinks.

Sarah said...

I know this heat is brutal. Last summer was nowhere NEAR this hot here.

otin said...

Okay, put the thermometer down and stop the whining! hahaha

It's warmer there than in North Carolina!