Monday, April 9, 2012


Oh, how I wish you could. How I wish ANYONE could! The pain meds aren't doing a damn thing other than making me even more nauseous. Oh, joy. I finally found a couple of positions that don't completely make me scream, so I have been able to nap a little here and there. The nausea and dizziness today are unbelievable. The fucking migraine still hasn't subsided, despite the prescription pain medication. I don't think I'm going to take them anymore.

That's all I can take for now. Reading this computer screen is making my nausea even worse, and I feel like my head is going to explode.


Clippy Mat said...

Oh NO! :-(
I just had to scroll down to read that you have Shingles! So sorry to hear that. I've heard that the pain is terrible and from what you say, that's true. I really hope that the meds are kicking in a bit now since you posted and that you will soon start to feel better. I am so sorry for you.
Get well soon.

Nana said...

I didn't realize that migrains accompany shingles. I've heard it's painful but had NO idea how bad it could get. So very sorry you're having to go through this. Hope you start feeling better.

I'm going to insist my husband gets a shingles shot, as I did. Soon.

M said...

Appropriately titled for letter H but certainly wishing it weren't due to shingles.

XXOO from CA

C said...

my dear sweet cheech... have you tried laying on an ice pack? it may help... numb the little fuckers... i feel so bad for you. i wish i could take your pain away..

many hugs, sittin @ your bedside and makin you laugh, unselecting the fucking word verification, i'd even braid your hair, cuz that's how i roll....

xoxoxo love you!!!!

Stephanie said...

Oh sweetie! Had to read back a post to get caught up! I'm so ssorry! My Dad had shingles last year. Once those meds kick in you should feel much much better:(

Jim said...

Was talking with my sister yesterday about her partner who has shingles right now too. The acupuncture did work because he hasn't woken up in pain since he got the first treatment. Also she said warm to hot baths also help a lot easing the pain. Hope this helps.

Jen said...

My God hon, I'm so sorry! Tom had pre-shingles; was put on meds before the rash hit so he wasn't so bad off. God help me if I ever get it; I did my time with a horrible case of chicken pox as a kid. :(
I wish I could help you! Just keep resting, that's about all you can do.

J a c q u e l i n e M u k w e t o said...

That is terrible that you are in that much pain. I hope the best for you.