Tuesday, April 24, 2012


This made me sick to my stomach.

(OMFG!!!  Today was the day!  My Blogger switched over to the new format out of the blue, and I am NOT happy!!!!)


Sweet Girl Tracie said...

My blogger switched over too and I am also not happy. Why couldn't they leave the old format? Haven't they heard the old saying, "If ain't broken, then why fix or change it?".

Mark said...

Whatever it is that made you "sick" that you just posted, I'm not going to watch. I'm sure I couldn't take it right now.
Blogger sucks!

joe said...

You can still revert back to the old interface until next month. Maybe blogger will get enough negative feedback about it that they'll change their minds.

M said...

Yes ine said check it out and I clicked the link and now I have a new foremat...ah!

Yes I'd love an Illinois plate. My parents lived there and my sister were born there.

Happy Wed.... I will check out the OMG later :)

Jack said...

Hi, Jack from the 70s Child comments. I most highly recommend that you do switch. This is the second "Doomsday Makeover" that Blogger has pulled out of their a$$ since I've been with them, and based on past performance, how many more will be coming? Remember when they gave us all those fancy new looks, but you couldn't use your widgets anymore? Well, they wised up and let us revert to the old look in that case, so maybe they will again here; too late for me - Jack has left the building.

Whether you ultimately leave or not, you should most definitely investigate what else is out there. Don't listen the company hype, chat with people who have other services. I was looking at Wordpress until Kristine turned me on to Weebly. The interface there is like a top-end word processor. Updates and changes are done right on the page, mostly with drag-and-drop, and what you see is what gets published. If I had the skill to custom design my own site, it would look very much like Weebly.

No matter where you end up, just know that there are too many other quality services out there to let these code-writing trolls shove a piece of garbage like this down your throat without doing something about it.

mare ball said...

The new blogger format is different, and I didn't like it at first, either, but I've adjusted and it actually works better, the layout is more practical. I've also decided I'm not moving to Word press b/c the WP blogs I've seen during A-Z are more complicated to leave comments on. Just my 2 cents worth! I have a good friend in Chicago. She loves it! Too cold for me. :-)