Saturday, April 21, 2012


Ours was full of errands today. Stud and I went and had the oil changed in his car. On the way, he dropped off an application at the Aldi near our home, cuz Sucka needs a job! After the oil change, we went for a car wash (free with the oil change. Score!) Then we went to Target to return a phone I bought the other day that I decided I didn't like after all. No luck finding a new one, so we went to KMart, across the street, and found one there.

In the meantime, CSJ called to say he was finishing early for the day, and what would I like to do tonight? We ended up trying a new restaurant for dinner (Gotta love Groupon!). The place was an English pub called Chequers. CSJ had broiled chicken breast, veggies and mashed potatoes. I ordered the Chequers Trio which was a sample of each of their top three sellers - Baked Macaroni and Cheese, Shepard's Pie and Chicken Pot Pie. It did not disappoint! What WAS disappointing was our service, though. I'm still pissed about it, and we've been home for an hour. If I didn't have two more Groupons to use, I probably wouldn't go back, it was that bad. I pray our next visit is different.

Now I'm in my jammies, all tucked into bed, surfin' the web and boring you with the mundane details of my day. Aren't you glad I'm so dedicated to this A-Z Challenge? ;-)

Here's something silly from our Saturday. I thought he did a great job with his hair today, so took an "artistic" photo of it.

He then posted it to his Facebook page with the caption: "SOON MY TRANSFORMATION INTO A DINOSAUR SHALL BE COMPLETE" I so love my silly son!


M said...

Sssssunday! It works for both days. Have a good to run with my daughter...and we have had your weather for 2 whole days!!! rain this week though...double bummer.

Funny in My Mind said...

I hope you called them out on the bad service! If you don't, it will continue to happen. I encourage customer feedback because if we have someone working for us and they don't treat our guests the way we expect them to, they get reprimanded. If it continues, we fire them.
Dino hair, yep it is!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, I love his FB post name....such a clever young man!
I'm glad you are out and about...bad service? well, we kill people for less. ;)

nutschell said...

sounds like you had a busy Saturday!

Happy A-Zing!