Sunday, March 4, 2012

I have the sweetest Bloggy Buddies

My Bloggy Buddy, Ricochet, sent this to me today. The subject line of her email said, "This was written for you."

At the time that I checked my email, I had a Monkeys Marathon playing on the TV. I had also watched the Brady Bunch episode with Davy Jones and two episodes of Love American Style with him this morning. This just kinda pushed me over the edge, and actually made me cry. :(

Naturally, I have this book by Sandra Boynton, who is one of my favorite children's authors. I also have this song saved to a flash drive, as I would play it for my babies when we read the book. But, I had never seen this 'behind the scenes' video before. Thanks, again, Ricochet!!


Ricochet said...


I wanted you to laugh, not cry. But I understand.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my cute is that?? TOO cute!!!

Mary A. said...

I love this song. I needed to hear it today.

Also, I'm stealing it for my blog someday. But I will give you credit!

dkuroiwa said... goodness. but how much did i love that??? and yeah...along with the kind-of-quiet giggles (it's kind of late here and all, but moi, are sleeping!)....i teared up a bit.
wonderful stuff!!!

jwg said...

When you go a long time without a meaningful post, or at least one about your life, I get worried. Everything OK?

ChiTown Girl said...

Oh, jwg, I wish I had a way to reply to you! Every time you leave me a sweet, caring comment like this one, I click on your name, hoping you've added an email to your profile. :( I hope you check back here later.

Thank you for your concern. You are always so attuned to things around here. STOP THAT! ;-)

There just haven't been many things I've felt like writing about, lest I sound like a whiny little bitch. It's easier to just stay mum, and occasionally post stuff that makes me smile. I do have a few posts coming solely for the purpose of showing off my adorable niece, so stay tuned!

M said...


Clippy Mat said...

so sad and such a lovely little video.

C said...

awwwww cheeech, this definately was made just for you, i loved davy jones tooo.. i was gonna marry him when i grew up but some udder bitch snatched him from me! this is SO cute, it made me cry... sob like a freekin baybay..