Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Outsiders

The drama club at Stud's old high school is doing The Outsiders this weekend. Actually, tonight is opening night. Their totally awesome director had some friends of his put this together.

They also did a mockumentary, which is too cute. If you know the kids, like we obviously do, it's much funnier. But, it's worth a watch either way. Rocco, they awesome director, is a film student at DePaul right now, and some of his friends, who are also film students, did this. I believe it was a project for them that they actually turned in for DePaul.

My long-time readers probably know that Scotty and Ryan are two of Stud's best friends, and they all graduated together from the same grade school. Scotty and Stud have been best friends since kdg. (Ryan transferred into the school in 3rd grade). Ryan is actually pursuing drama seriously for college. He spent a few weekends visiting various colleges doing drama auditions, in hopes of earning a scholarship. Helen, one of the other "stars" of this video, also attended the same grade school, although she's a year younger. I think I just may send a link to this to their former principal, as I think she'd get a kick out of seeing this group of former students doing something so creative.

Good luck tonight, Drama Club! Break a leg!


M said...

So cool...I hope you pass it on to the principal :)

Jim said...

I think kids will always relate to The Outsiders. It is good to see that it is still around. My kids/students ALWAYS loved this story. Must be universal in nature......rebellious youth!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Wow...this looks amazing. How fabulous for these 'kids' who love acting to be able to pursue their dreams!!

Mary A. said...

This is great. It's You-Tube viral great!