Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Photo Dump

Let me warn you now that this post has no rhyme or reason. I finally downloaded a bunch of photos from my iPhone to my computer, and I thought I'd share some of the cuter ones.

Ok, this first one is my daddy. My aunt (his sister) sent it to my brother a few weeks ago. We figure it must be from his communion, making him about 7 or 8. My brother couldn't stop laughing at the sock/sandal combination. I told him to shut his damn mouth!This is from last week, I think. My brother sent it to me on my phone, just to rub in the fact that I wasn't at his house, playing with the baby, like my mother was. The jerk.
Ok, so my brother sends random photos to us all the time. They usually have a descriptive and/or humorous subject line. This one said, "Excited much?"
I took this one last week while I was spending a "sick" day with my baby. She was so damn cute with her babydoll.
The next couple were taken to send to Uncle CSJ. It was MY turn to rub it in that I got to be with that baby by MYself!

This one was from the next day, I think. Yeah, I DID take a second sick day. What about it?!
This was from last Thursday, also. Stud doesn't have school or work on Thursdays, so he spent the day with me soaking up lots of baby love!Not really sure when I took this one, but it was within the last 2 weeks.
My brother picked this up for her the other day. Go Cubbies!!
This was my thermometer yesterday when I came out of work. I picked up my middle niece (formally my BABY niece) at school and decided to treat her to her favorite thing - a Wendy's frosty!

Does she look a little happy!?This is from today. See that little green light glowing, indicating that my air-conditioning is going full blast?
Yeah, well, that's cuz THIS was my thermometer today!

This was from yesterday, which happened to be my baby's 8 month birthday. I sent her a birthday wish, via her daddy's phone. (Why the hell doesn't she have her own phone yet?!) In return, I received a "thank you, Auntie" message and this photo. I LOVE her shirt!
This was from today. In case you forgot, it was EIGHTY-FREAKIN'-THREE here in Chicago.
UGH! She's just too damn adorable!!!

Ok, that's all I'll bore you with today. There are lots more photos, so maybe I'll share some more later this week. Don't say I didn't warn you.


karen gerstenberger said...

She is one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen - honestly. Is she going to be a model and have her college fund set from the time she's a year old? She could - those eyes, those cheeks, and the little baby legs! Ohhhh my. I can see why she has a LOT of people coming over to babysit - such a sweetie!

Mary A. said...

She is a PUNKIN! Enjoy all the time you can!

It's as hot in Chicago as it is here in South Texas. Wow.

M said...

That baby is truly cute...I don't say that lightly either. Glad you got to take a few days...I will be doing that soon :)

As for 83 degrees...WTF?! We have had 2 days of solid letting up and 50 when I leave here in the a.m.....and nothing over 54 on the global warming here!

Maria said...

Yes, a very sweet looking child!

And I, too, am astonished at this weather. It feels like mid May, not March and is it crabby of me to be a little disgruntled? I like my Springs to start out slowly, not wickedly. At this rate, it will be seriously hot in April.

And someone at work told me that their almanac said that we are in for a long, blistering hot summer on the plains, so I think that includes you. I am not a fan of hot humid summers!

jlo said...

Cutest baby eva...I'm a sucker for cheeks!
AND...stud looks like your dad!

Mark said...

Seriously, that baby gets cuter and cuter.

C said...

awwwwwwwww so freeking adora bowl. your pride and love for her is just all over this shit... she is so blessed to have such a wonderful family! i wish we lived closer so's i could get in on some of the nibblin' action. her lil face and eyes are just SO expressive!!! and i must say she looks just like you..
its hot here too, where the fuck is my pool? i will forever miss it,

Busy Bee Suz said...

Monkey baby is just adorable....cheek eating adorable!
I do love that photo of your dad at his communion. Sandals and socks? I knew that trend started in I have proof!

greg said...

That baby is insanely cute!!

Yep, it's been SO warm here in NY as well lately...but not quite in the 80s. What's up with that??

Change for Good said...

I love the photo dump! My favorite picture is the one with Stud. :) I guess I am partial. Glad you are spoiling her.