Friday, February 24, 2012


Enjoy this little clip from my friend Melissa's morning show.

(I had to take the clip off and add the link because it was making me crazy with the way it would auto-start every time my page loaded!)

I'm thoroughly impressed with her Jeanne's ability to remain so calm. I told Melissa I would have been screaming AND crying, while simultaneously peeing on myself!!!


M said...

HAhahahahHA! Now that is funny....she did stay calm but I am sure she just wanted to scream! Looks like the silk blouse was saved :)

C said...

OMG i would have shit meself.. i am SO afraid of worrms and snakes would give me a heart attackkkkkkkk

Clippy Mat said...

Why didn't they just start pulling it from the tail end?
What happened next? :D

Busy Bee Suz said...

Well damn. Guess what my dreams will be filled with tonight???!!!

Natalie said...

you won my chobani giveaway and i haven't heard from you! ( if you still want the Chobani please email me, otherwise I'll pick another winner!

thanks :)