Friday, September 30, 2011

Not bad for a Thursday...

We had the weirdest weather yesterday. It was gray and overcast a good part of the day. Every time the sun made an appearance, it was accompanied by rain! We had some really stormy moments. On my way over to my mother's, the sky suddenly opened up and it rained so hard, I couldn't see anything. I could, however, hear the hail pounding my car. Then, just as suddenly as it started, it stopped dead. So weird!

I was on my way to my mother's to pick my niece and her up for a night of fun. My brother's girlfriend arranged for a night of fun for our family. An Italian singer that my family is fond of was in town to perform a couple of shows last night, and she got us all tickets. My niece REALLY likes him, so she joined us.

The weird rain continued throughout our entire drive. We were headed north, to Evanston. Thanks to rush hour and the weather, I knew we were in for at least an hour and half in the car. As we were on I94, driving through the middle of the city, my niece started shouting about the rainbow she saw over the Sears Tower. (And, yes, it's STILL the Sears Tower. Screw you, Willis Tower!) Of course, I couldn't see it since a) I was driving, and b) I couldn't see through the roof, so I handed her my camera. I know the pictures aren't the greatest, but if you squint just right, you can see the rainbow.

You can see just from this little series of photos how quickly the sky was switching between blue and gray. Weird!

The singer we were going to see is named Patrizio. Anyone out there ever hear of him? You can check out a few of his YouTube videos here, here, and here.

Anyway, that's who we went to see. Here's our happy little group. For you newbies, that's my brother in the back, on the left, and our cousin, Paulie, on the right. The front row is Yours Truly, my brother's gorgeous girlfriend, KC, my beautiful sister, her daughter, my mother and my daddy.
My niece was very excited about the night. The whole thing was a surprise for her.
The Girls.
How cute are these two? Well, ok, my brother isn't looking so cute here (Sorry, Jo!), but KC is always a knock-out! KC's been around for nearly 12 years now. When the hell are they getting married already!!?
The Folks. Not the best shot of them, either, but what the hell, it's all I got!
DEFINITELY the highlight of my niece's night!! This was after the show. He signed her CD, then offered to take this photo.
So, that was our Thursday night. What did YOU do last night?


karen gerstenberger said...

How great! It looks like an evening of the best kind of fun. You have such a good-looking family - and you and Stud definitely take after your father. Such beautiful, strong genes! have a happy weekend!

Mark said...

What's the deal with all these gorgeous people? Was it a modeling convention?

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love how everyone in your family looks alike!!
I love marks comment. I was thinking was there an italian convention as well??
My Thursday? Cleaned. Drove back and forth to school 3 times. Cooked. Exercised. Watched a lil' tv.
You know. the usual. NO concerts in the city. NO rainbows. Pffffft. whatever.


M said...

Looks like a fun night and I can assure you you had more fun than me :)

C said...

wow does stud ever resemble your handsome bro!!! and you look like yo' daddy.. everyone is so nice looking. yeah. that girlfriend has to go.... lmao

it must just be moi cuz i get all the best word verif's...

this one is "lesimi"

as in;

lesimi is the way i will be when i lose weight. you'll be seeing lesimi.


(ya cant make this shit up..)