Saturday, September 24, 2011

My day just keeps getting better and better...

...because I have the BEST freakin' friends!!! My Bloggy Buddies are on a roll today. First, Ricochet sends me that adorable video (see below). Then, I went to get my mail, and found a wonderful surprise!

No, not this junk mail.
This package from Japan!!My dear, sweet friend, dkuroiwa, sent me some pressies! She feels almost the same about flamingos that I do about penguins. (I say 'almost' because nobody is as big a freak as I am!)There was a sweet note in the package. I had to laugh at what she said about the stationery. I don't know if you can tell from this picture, but the stationery is actually turned on its side because the lines are designed for Japanese characters.
How freakin' cute are these!? You can write a little note on the penguin's belly, then you fold up his arms into a hug, and stick it to a gift or anything else you want.
These are cool. They are index stickers, designed to be stuck to the side of pages, like tabs. So cool!
Now, these next three things are really awesome. They are called tenugui. D said they were originally used as bandages and/or just to put around your neck or head on hot days. Now they are also used to "advertise" at festivals, etc.

This one she thought Stud would find interesting. It is covered with different sumo positions. The symbols are Kanji, and she thought Brian might be able to translate. Well, as soon as I unfolded it, Brian said, "Oh, I can read that!"
Here's a close up view of the cloth. How interesting.
This one is a Chinese Dragon Dance.
This third one is extra special, thanks to her explanation. She said she picked it out because of the picture on it, but after her husband translated it, she said she "realized that is is perfect for" me! The picture is Kannon, the Goddess of Mercy. She wrote me a special blessing - "May she watch over and protect you and help keep you strong!" How incredibly sweet is she?!

Like I said, I have the BEST friends EVER!!! I'm off to write 'someone' a heartfelt thank you letter!


Mamie said...

I am INSANELY jealous of your new penguin goodies... yes, I too am a total penguin freak!!!

C said...

you KNOW you are loved, cheech... because you are so freeking cute. i love all your prezzies! congrats. and enjoy!!!

Mark said...

I love gifts from Blogger Buddies.
But I'm not hinting that you should send me something! Although if you want to, I'm into Cash this year.

dkuroiwa said...

you have already written THE most perfect 'thank you' letter!!! i was just thinking about the package and wondering when it would get there!!! so glad it made it!!
and....i'm not sure sure about you being more crazy about penguins than i am of family would disagree!! ;-D
much love to you, my sweet!!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, these are all so special and sweet.
I love that Debbie!!!!!