Sunday, September 19, 2010

Homecoming 2010

Well, here were The Boys freshman year. Pretty cute, right?
Then, here was last year. His best friend didn't go to the dance last year.
And, this was last night. They're so silly!
A couple of solo shots. I wish his hair photographed better. He did a bit of a faux-hawk on himself, which actually looked much cuter in real life. His friends, including the boys, all told him how cool his hair looked.

You may recall that these three have gone to school together since grade school. The one in the middle is considerably smaller than Stud, so they decided to try and make him look taller by letting him hang off their shoulders. It almost works!
Then Stud decided maybe he should just squat. Yeah...not really working....
Here's what they really look like together.
This is his date. They're just friends, hence the awkward posing. :)

The Boys

The Girls

The Couples

The Clown Car!
I was cracking up at how my girlfriend decided she could squeeze 9 people into her van made for 7. Whatever, they managed to fit, and that meant I didn't have to drive. Thanks, Deb!


Sandra said...

I loved this! Especially the pic with the girl and your caption, "There just friends, hence the awkward posing"...still laughing!

karen gerstenberger said...

I'm with Sandra.
SO great that they let you take photos. They all look beautiful, handsome and wonderful.
You must be so proud of your dear STUDLEY. He da man! I hope they all had a blast!

C said...

oh how fun!!! adorable pictures and a bunch of good friends... with that, the night will be great nomatter what.

stud has grown into such a man!!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

They all look so great...and so GROWN UP. Stop it already with the growing part!!
I hope they all had a fantastic time and danced their butts off!

Jen said...

Stud is one good looking dude. :)

Just Plain Tired said...

I remember the Homecoming dates my daughter would have over prior to going to the dance. The boys always had the "deer in the headlight" look when we took pictures. I was never sure whether it was me or the camera they feared. ;)