Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The cherry's been popped....

I have FINALLY watched an episode of American Idol. Oh, trust me, I'm not bragging, it's not something I'm proud of, it just is. I had my sister, nieces and parents over for dinner tonight, and one of the conditions for my niece to come was that she got to watch the AI premier. The rest of my family knows I want nothing to do with this show, so she HAD to make sure she could still watch at my house. Kinda funny, no?

OK, so I didn't die, my eyes didn't fall out of my head, my ears didn't seal up (although, more than once I wished they would have!!) and I'm obviously here to write about it. However, I highly doubt I will be watching again. Yes, I laughed, it wasn't horrible, it just wasn't my thing. PLUS, I'm really pissed that I missed tonight's episode of Biggest Loser. THAT'S what I watch while the rest of those goofballs are watching AI. I'm hoping NBC lets you watch their shows online like ABC does, because I'm going to try and watch tomorrow.

One of the reasons my parents agreed to come over for dinner was because my dad had my car. We switched cars last night so he could drive mine today, then take it to his buddy's place and have a remote starter put on it while he was working. He had done the same for my last car. Most people have that feature so they can warm up their cars in the winter. Yes, I do that sometimes, but I mostly use MINE in the summer, so that the air will run for a while before I get in. There is NOTHING I hate more than getting into a stifling hot car. I just can't breathe! So, I start mine in the summer to cool it off. Bottom line - Thank You, Daddy!!

A couple of funnies from today's episode of "Let's Test Our Babies to Death!!"
Given word - which (which every single baby hears as "witch!")
Sentence - "They ride around on mops!!"

Another one of my babies REALLY cracked me up today, and it was exactly what I needed at that moment because I was completely about to snap. While testing this particular little one, I was getting more and more annoyed with him because he just wasn't paying attention and/or trying his best. I knew he knew the things I was asking him, but he was more interested in watching the Between the Lions video playing (yes, I know, I need to find a better way to get the testing done other than putting the TV on!) than focusing on the task at hand. We were on the test where the child has to break words into phonemes (essentially 'sounds'). For example, if the given word is "mop," they need to tell me "mmmm. oooo. p." OK, so anyway, we had done about 4 or 5 words so far, and he was simply repeating the words instead of breaking them into sounds, and I was becoming exasperated. The next word was "by." When said it to him, he immediately turned around and walked away! He obviously thought I was saying "bye" as in, "I'm SO done with you! Bu-bye!" Poor baby! I just burst out laughing, which completely confused him, but it was exactly the tension reliever I needed in order to finish today's testing.

Wow, I just realized how late it is, and I still have some cleaning up to do in the basement from dinner. Time get off this damn computer. Nighty night.... :)


Clippy Mat said...

hello bloggy friend. I've not been reading blogs or doing mine as much as I'd like recently. Still trying to catch up and wanted you to know I've not bailed on you!
what's wrong with AI?
come on, you know you liked it.
I think I must be a bit of an AI additct, watched it ALL last night.
just saying HI!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Not such an AI fan either, but I may watch it later when Ellen comes on. I love her.
which witch?

karen gerstenberger said...

I've never seen Idol, and don't want to. I just don't like most of what's offered on TV anymore. Don't I sound like a grinch? Or a nerd, since it's PBS and the Travel Channel here (or re-runs of Seinfeld & Friends, Frasier, etc.). Thank goodness for Netflix!

miss r said...

I watch Biggest Loser, too. Last night was kinda boring though. Maybe it's because I haven't really picked my favorites yet.

As always, I LOVE your baby stories. Don't feel guilty about the tv. School may not be intended for tv but kindergarten classrooms aren't intended for 25+ kids either with no aides. I'm back up to 27. We aren't doing DIBELS this year, but they've replaced it with the DRAs, which are completely RIDICULOUS in December.

Miss ya!

Jason, as himself said...

This is not at all what I thought this post was going to be about....